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RES 420 Fundamentals of Real EstateRES420 Assessment 1 MarkingGuide Learning OutcomeEvidenceJudgmentPresent1. Apply the standardsof professionalconduct expected ofreal estate licenseesto realistic scenarios,identify the duties oflicensees regardingunsatisfactoryconduct andmisconduct,and distinguish thesteps in thecomplaints process.Task 2, 1-5• Answer correctly identifieswhether each situationrepresentso misconducto unsatisfactoryconduct, oro no further action isrequired.• Correct legislation andrule/section is identified foreach situation.• Answer correctly identifieswhether section 72(a) orsection 73(a) (or neither) isrelevant.Task 4150-250 words• Complaints process is clearlyand accurately described.2. Apply therequirements oflicensing in the realestate industry torealisticscenarios.Task 1, 1-550-75 words per response• Answers correctly describelicensing requirements foreach situation.• Answers refer to correctsection of the Real EstateAgents Act 2008.3. Identify the mainduties relating to realestate work asprovided inlegislation.Task 3, 1-3Up to 150 words peranswer• Answer gives appropriateadvice for each situation.• Correct legislation andrule/section is identified foreach situation.


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