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PG Assessment and Grading Criteria for HBS (Learning Conversation/ Viva/ Interview – with PERSONAL REFLECTION/ LOG)Module Code: _______________ Lecturer: ________________________________ Student ID number: ________________________________________ PGCommunication skills and structureof the conversationThe Inquiry – DiscoverDeepen – Breadth / Depth / Integrationof LiteratureDo – Analysis /Critical evaluation/Discussion of recommendationsReflective Learning Log – Anindividual PERSONAL reviewTask detailslecturers toamend to suitReflection, awareness of issues,learning conversation to focus onboth the inquiry and reflection, if orale.g. 5 minutes for each studentExplore/ explain/understand yourbusiness topic or your skills, e.g.Assess your SWOT, or aspects of abusiness to discover its issues & USPIntegration and application ofinformation to show insight, to includea minimum of 10 sourcesLine of argument, development ofdiscussion/analysis to includerecommendations for future actionDiscussion, review and completionof a personal log, to be used in theindiv learning conversationCheck format. Log, Essay or Report80-100OutstandingOutstanding… Exceptionalcommunication skills. Extremelyarticulate and fluent; language is clear,concise and appropriate withoutgrammatical errors.Outstanding… exploration of businessand issue showing excellent knowledgeand understanding through thoroughand appropriate research.Impressive choice and range ofappropriate content.Outstanding… Business insight andapplication.Breadth, depth and integration ofextremely wide variety of vitalliterature/data into work.Outstanding… Level ofdiscussion/analysis/ critical evaluation.Highly developed/ focused work withoriginal and realistic recommendationsfor the future.Outstanding…Level of thorough indepth reflection undertaken andextremely valuable insights into theprocess of learning recorded. Clearlylinked relevant future action plan.70-79ExcellentExcellent… Extremely articulate andfluent; language is clear, concise andappropriate.Only a couple of minor errors.Excellent… Level of knowledge andunderstanding of the business and issuedemonstrated.Evidence of appropriate inquiryCovers all relevant points and issues.Excellent… Business insight andapplication.Breadth, depth and integration of verywide variety of appropriate literature/datainto work.Excellent… Level ofdiscussion/analysis/ critical evaluationclearly developing points in theappropriate way with thoroughconsideration of all possibilities.Excellent… reflective narrative withclear understanding of the process oflearning. Clearly linked relevant futureaction plan.60-69Very GoodVery good… Fluent and clearcommunication with very fewgrammatical errors/ hesitations/mistakes.Very good… Level of knowledge andunderstanding of the business and issuedemonstrated.Covers most relevant points and issues.Few errors / omissions incontent/calculations.Very good… Business insight andapplication. Breadth, depth andintegration of a wide variety ofliterature/data into work.Very good… Level of discussion/analysis/ critical evaluation andappropriate recommendations. Fewpoints need further development orevaluation/comparison.Very Good… reflective narrative,showing a clear level of understandingof the process of learning. Clearlylinked relevant future action plan.55-59GoodGood… Clear competentcommunication with mainly logicalprogression of thoughts but with somegrammatical errors/hesitations/mistakes.Good… grasp of the issue and some ofits implications presented.Knowledge and understanding isdemonstrated. Minor errors / omissionsin content/ calculations.Good… Business insight and application.Some variety of breadth, depth andintegration of literature/data into work.Good… Level of discussion/analysis/critical evaluation and appropriaterecommendations but more ideas/pointscould be addressed /developed further.Good… Sound reflective narrative withunderstanding of the process oflearning. A good level of reflection andchanges/actions planned.50-54SatisfactorySatisfactory… Basic appropriatecommunication skills in evidence butnot always clearly expressed – in termsof correct grammar or use of words ordelivery.Satisfactory… Basic content / level ofknowledge of the business and issue.Addresses part of the task – some errors/ omissions/ misconceptions in content/calculations. May benefit from furtherresearch.Satisfactory… Business insight andapplication.Limited integration with literature/ data.Use of literature/data but limited inbreadth OR depth.Satisfactory… Basic evidence ofdiscussion/analysis/ critical evaluationand some recommendations. Moredevelopment and comment needed onsuperficial points.Satisfactory… Simple record ofcontent with some basic reflection.Some evidence of understanding ofthe process of learning having takenplace and actions planned.40-49Marginal FailWeak… Poor communication skills witha number of errors, hesitations and / orpoor exchange of ideas.Must see CASEWeak… Limited content / knowledge/calculations. Limited or muddledunderstanding of the topic/question.Does not meet all the learningoutcomes.Weak… Unsatisfactory evidence ofbusiness application and insight.Work needs to show better links betweenpractical application and theory.Weak… Limited evidence ofdiscussion/analysis/critical evaluationand/or recommendations. Developmentand comment needed rather thandescription.Must see CASEWeak… Poor record of content or asimple diary with insufficient reflectionor action planning.20 – 39Clear FailInadequate… communication skills.Very poor use of language, little fluencyor logical progression of thought.Rambling speaking style.Must see CASEInadequate… Lacking in relevantcontent/ knowledge/calculations.Content irrelevant / inaccurate. Does notmeet all the learning outcomes.Inadequate… Lacks evidence ofbusiness application and insight. Someliterature irrelevant to topic.Inadequate… Lacking / inadequate levelof discussion/ analysis/critical evaluationand recommendations. Too anecdotal ordescriptive.Must see CASEInadequate… or incomplete reflectivework, or a descriptive diary withoutreflection on learning and/or actionplanning.1 – 19Little orNothing ofmeritNothing of merit… Unsatisfactoryincomprehensible incomplete orinappropriate communication.Must see CASENothing of merit… Unsatisfactory levelof knowledge demonstrated.Content irrelevant / not appropriate tothe topic. Does not meet the learningoutcomes.Nothing of merit… No evidence ofappropriate business application andinsight.Nothing of merit… No evidence ofappropriate discussion/analysis/ criticalevaluation and/or recommendations.Must see CASENothing of merit… Little or no attemptto submit appropriate written work withreflection. Does not meet learningoutcomes. Penalty:Moderator:Total Mark Awarded:


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