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ANIT Australia Pty Ltd t/a Albright Institute of Business and Language | RTO: 45041 | CRICOS: 03553J |P.11300 189 154 | Level 2, 341-345 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 | | v 1.0TASK 3 – Project Task summaryThere are three parts to this assessment▪ Part A – You are required to prepare for your presentation▪ Part B – You are required to conduct your presentation▪ Part C – You are required to review your change management plan and makeadjustments Resources and equipment required to complete this tasko Computer and Microsoft Office (Word).o Access to the Internet for research, textbooks and other learning materialso Presentation technology (e.g. PowerPoint or similar program)o Space to conduct a meeting (presentation)o Access to role-play participants (assessor and students) for your presentationo Staff survey comments When and where should the task be completed?o This task may be done in your own time as homework or you may be given time todo this task in class (where applicable).o Your assessor will provide you with the due date for this assessment. What needs to be submitted?o Part A – You are required to submit your communication with staff communication viaemail to your assessor.o Part B – PowerPoint slides created in PART A.o Part C – You are required to submit your evaluation report and updated changemanagement plan via email to their assessor.o Role-play notesInstructions:o You will participate in a role-play (see template at the end of this task).o Please use the “Template for a Report” (given by your trainer) to complete thisassessment.o Your assessor will advise as to whether you must email them your completedassessment, submit the file on a USB drive or hand in a hard copy.ANIT Australia Pty Ltd t/a Albright Institute of Business and Language | RTO: 45041 | CRICOS: 03553J |P.11300 189 154 | Level 2, 341-345 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 | | v 1.0Read the following case study / scenario and complete activities that follow. Case study / ScenarioAssume that one of your communication and education strategies was to invite staff to aninformation session on the planned change. As part of this communication staff will havethe opportunity to complete an online survey regarding their feelings about change ingeneral and how they think Samson Media has communicated change previously.The information session must contain a presentation of the change process, the reason forthe change, impact of the change and brief details of the planned change. You alsoneed to ensure you promote the benefits of the change.You need to clearly demonstrate the activation of your strategies in your presentation –responding to the barriers to change in accordance with your risk assessment andembedding the change into the organisation.1. Your assessor will provide details of the date, time and location of the presentation, andinvite other students to play the part of staff.2. Prepare staff communication (email invitation for a meeting). Prepare thecommunication to staff ensuring that it includes the arrangements for the informationsession (time and place, etc.) and enough information to entice them to come along.This communication may be in the form of an email, a memo, a poster or formal letter.3. Prepare the presentation (20 – 25 slides). The presentation should be in PowerPoint orsimilar presentation software and you will have 15-20 minutes for the presentation.4. Send your communication via email to your assessor (as a staff member).1. Conduct the presentation in the designated timeframe Complete the following activities:PART A: PREPARE FOR THE PRESENTATIONINSTRUCTIONS:PART B: CONDUCT THE PRESENTATIONINSTRUCTIONS:▪ Your assessor will play the part of a staff member as will the other students▪ You must provide the opportunity for input and feedback and seek ideas orsuggestions on the change process from the group▪ You will be required to demonstrate effective communication skills and appropriatelanguage to respond to issues and questions raised by employees.ANIT Australia Pty Ltd t/a Albright Institute of Business and Language | RTO: 45041 | CRICOS: 03553J |P.11300 189 154 | Level 2, 341-345 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 | | v 1.0Bear in mind that there will be some sensitivities, as the changes will require job losses.One of the staff members will be upset and you will need to handle this. You will needto do this through using your problem-solving skills to work out how to handle thissituation, and apply effective negotiation and consultation skills.PART C: PREPARE REPORT AND UNDATE YOUR PLANINSTRUCTIONS: 1. Complete evaluation of the presentation and the staff survey comments in a brief report a) Outline how your presentation was received. Evaluate how you responded to thebarriers of the change and how effective your strategies to embed the change aregoing to be over the lifetime of the change management plan based on feedback fromstaff. Recommend at least modification to your plan.b) Discuss the ideas and suggestions made by the staff and whether or not you willinclude them into your plan.c) Evaluate the survey comments (provided by your assessor) and make at least onerecommendation for a modification to your Change Management Pland) Update your project plan to incorporate your recommendations as well as thechanges to the Action plan, the Communication and Training plans to include theactivities and timeframes for this assessment (the information session and staff survey).e) Submit your report and updated Change Management Plan to your assessor viaemail (as the CEO of Samson Media). Your email must include a brief overview of thechanges to your plan and the reasons for the changes. What do I need to hand in for this task?Have I completed this?Part A – Email communication sent to staff(screenshot or copy)Part B – PowerPoint slides created in PART APart C – Evaluation Report and updatedchange management plan


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