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1 Swinburne University of Technology | CRICOS Provider 00111D | requirements for this assignment aredescribed in the attached document titled:Transport Economics Component Assignment.Assessment Criteria■ This assignment is worth 20% of your finalmark.■ As a guide, the scoring criteria will beaccording to the following scale:80%-100%: Good understanding andsuccessful own review of CBA Template.Correctly executed sensitivity analysisexperiments, and clear discussion of theresults, consistent with the decision-makingcriteria of the cost-benefit analysis. Proper useof references, and clear terminologies. A wellorganised and easy to read report.60%-79%: Some minor gaps.40%-59%: Effort is obvious, but there aresome major gaps.0%-39%: Effort is not obvious and there aremajor gaps.Minimum Requirements to Passthis AssignmentTo pass a Faculty of Science, Engineering andTechnology unit, you must achieve at least 35% ofthe possible final marks for each MajorAssessment Component (any assessment worth15% or more), including this assignment. Refer toUnit Outline for further details.Due DateFriday 28 May 2021 (by 11pm).Submission Requirements■ Individual submissions.■ An Assessment Cover Sheet must besubmitted with your assignment. The standardAssessment Cover Sheet is available from theCurrent Students web site.■ Submit electronic copy of assignmentreport & spreadsheet (incl. separateworksheet for each sensitivity test) throughthe Canvas assignment submission system(Turnitin).Extensions and Late SubmissionUnless an extension has been approved, youcannot submit an assessment after the due date.If this does occur, you will be penalised 10% of theassessment’s worth for each calendar day thetask is late up to a maximum of 5 days. After 5days a zero result will be recorded.ReferencingTo avoid plagiarism, you are required to provide areference whenever you include information fromother sources in your work. Refer to Unit Outlinefor further details.Referencing conventions required for this unit are:Harvard Style. Refer to Unit Outline for furtherdetails.EnquiriesDr Cliff NaudéE: [email protected] CVE80003Transport Planning, Modelling and EconomicsTransport Economics Assignment20% of Final Mark


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