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250 words Due asap Click to access ae511509.pdf using this link complete the table below (virgin Australia cabin crew agreement 2021) Title/AE no.IndustryIndustry segment (product market competition)Duration (years)Union-negotiated? Which one?Enterprise Agreement 1Virgin Australia cabin crew agreement 2021Airline operationsCabin crew2021-2023(2.5years)Yes; Flight Attendants Association of Australia(FAAA) and transport workers union(TWU) Wage Rate Comparison (find the classification structure; choose a classification that has a pay rate approximately in the middle of all the classifications) Classification nameOrdinary time wage per weekOrdinary time wage per yearAre there junior rates? Yes/NoEA1. Which agreement is most generous, relative to the rate of pay in the relevant Modern Award? Ordinary time wage per weekModern Award ordinary time wage per weekGap in $EA1. Which agreement is most generous, relative to the average wage in the relevant industry? Ordinary time wage per weekIndustry average wage (ABS 6302.0)Gap in $EA1. Wage increases Total wages rises for the life of the agreement (%)Calculate the average annual per cent wage growth for the life of the agreement:EA1. Hours of work Weekly working hoursSpan across times on which employees can work without penalty ratesAnything distinctive about hours of work?EA1. Labour process (production system): for the largest occupational group covered by each EA, is the labour process….. Labour-intensive, capital intensive or knowledge intensive?Focused on ‘short run responsiveness’ (flexibility) or ‘long-term agility’ (human capital advantage)?EA1. Note two distinctive substantive rules for each agreement (ie. the rule is relevant only for this firm or this industry) EA 1.Clause no./nameClause no./name Note one distinctive procedural rule for each agreement EA 1.Clause no./name Note two clauses that relate to work health and safety. EA 1.Clause no./nameClause no./name


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