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BPP Coursework Cover SheetPlease use the table below as your cover sheet for the 1st page of the submission. The sheet shouldbe before the cover/title page of your submission. ProgrammeMSc ManagementModule nameCustomer Experience StrategySchedule TermStudent Reference Number (SRN)Report/Assignment TitleDate of Submission(Please attach the confirmation of anyextension received)Declaration of Original Work:I hereby declare that I have read and understood BPP’s regulations on plagiarism and that this is myoriginal work, researched, undertaken, completed and submitted in accordance with the requirementsof BPP School of Business and Technology.The word count, excluding contents table, bibliography and appendices, is ___ words.Student Reference Number: Date:By submitting this coursework you agree to all rules and regulations of BPP regarding assessmentsand awards for programmes. Please note, submission is your declaration you are fit to sit.BPP University reserves the right to use all submitted work for educational purposes and mayrequest that work be published for a wider audience.BPP School of Business and Technology MSc ManagementCustomer Experience StrategyCoursework Assessment BriefSubmission mode: Turnitin online access1. General Assessment Guidance• Your summative assessment for this module is made up of this Coursework submission whichaccounts for 100% of the marks.• Please note late submissions will not be marked.• You are required to submit all elements of your assessment via Turnitin online access. Onlysubmissions made via the specified mode will be accepted and hard copies or any other digitalform of submissions (like via email or pen drive etc.) will not be accepted.• For coursework, the submission word limit is 2,500 words. You must comply with the word countguidelines. You may submit LESS than 2,500 words but not more. Word Count guidelines can befound on your programme home page and the coursework submission page.• Do not put your name or contact details anywhere on your submission. You should only putyour student registration number (SRN) which will ensure your submission is recognised in themarking process.• A total of 100 marks are available for this module assessment, and you are required to achieveminimum 50% to pass this module.• You are required to use only Harvard Referencing System in your submission. Any content whichis already published by other author(s) and is not referenced will be considered as a case ofplagiarism.You can find further information on Harvard Referencing in the online library on the VLE. You canuse the following link to access this information:• BPP University has a strict policy regarding authenticity of assessments. In proven instances ofplagiarism or collusion, severe punishment will be imposed on offenders. You are advised toread the rules and regulations regarding plagiarism and collusion in the GARs and MOPP whichare available on VLE in the Academic registry section.• You should include a completed copy of the Assignment Cover sheet. Any submission withoutthis completed Assignment Cover sheet may be considered invalid and not marked.2. Assessment BriefYou are required to write a 2,500 word report on the customer experience (CX) strategy of Samsungfor their mobile phone product lines. You should base your report on the analysis of their CX strategyin one specific country in which they operate, which you must identify in the introduction to yourreport.You should write your report for the Board of Directors. Within the business report, referenceshould be made to relevant CX concepts, literature and application as appropriate. Only use graphicsor tables to answer the requirements where it is suggested to do so.You need to address the following tasks:1. The importance of customer experience (10 marks): explain and critically evaluate theconcept of customer experience. Appraise the importance of CX in the case of Samsungmobile phones. (Suggested word count: 300 words)2. Consumer persona creation (15 marks): explain what a consumer persona is and evaluateits role in developing effective CX strategy. In application to Samsung identify one keyconsumer persona and provide the following elements in a visual format (graphic or table):a. Demographics and storyb. Profilec. Motivations for using a Samsung mobiled. Goals for using a Samsunge. Painpoints a Samsung mobile solves(Suggested word count: 200 words)3. Mapping the customer journey (15 marks): explain what a customer journey is and discussits importance to CX strategy. In relation to your consumer persona identified in task 2, usinga graphic or table, map their customer journey. This should be from the perspective of thecustomer and include the following:a. Stages of journeyb. Activitiesc. Feelings and needsd. Potential opportunities for improvement(Suggested word count: 200 words)4. Omnichannel marketing (15 marks): explain what is meant by omnichannel marketing andthe role of interaction and customisation in omnichannel marketing. Identify for Samsungmobiles the different marketing channels used and analyse how effective Samsung is inachieving a seamless customer journey. (Suggested word count: 550 words)5. CX performance metrics (15 marks): identify and critically evaluate four CX performancemetrics. Provide a justified recommendation of two metrics which are the most important inthe case of Samsung mobiles. (Suggested word count: 500 words)6. CX processes in different industries (20 marks): Using five CX Critical Success Factors (CSFs)compare and explain the CX processes in Samsung and another company of your own choicein another industry. (Suggested word count: 600 words)7. Conclusion (5 marks): having completed your report provide a conclusion on how effectiveSamsung’s CX strategy is, using evidence from the previous six tasks to support yourreasoning. (Suggested word count: 150 words)8. Presentation (5 marks): present your report in a structured and professional manner usingHarvard referencing guidelines.Suggested StructureA 2,500-word business report to the Board of Directors of the company, in the capacity of a CXstrategy consultant. There are many ways to construct a report and the following is only asuggestion:Title page: your reader’s first impression of the report. It should be succinct but still describe thereport’s contents so that it can be distinguished easily from other reports.Comprehensive list of contents: a table of contents could help the reader to find specificinformation in the report quickly. This includes page numbers and any additional sections such asappendices and bibliography.Report: covers your answers to the requirements one to eight as listed above.Appendices: Appendices contain additional information which would be too detailed to include inthe main body. Typical examples of information included in appendices can be glossaries (if it is atechnical report), tables with supporting statistical data, examples of research and so on.References list: if you have consulted any source, either printed or on-line, you must include it in thelist of your references and dates of internet access where applicable. For more information onreferencing and the Harvard system access the link given in the General Assessment Guidanceabove.3. Marking Guide (student version)The assignment is marked out of 100 and counts towards 100% of your module mark. The followingtable shows the mark allocation and approach required. Assignment PartMarkApproach1. The importance ofcustomer experience (10marks)5 5• Clear explanation and critical evaluation ofthe concept of customer experience.• Appropriate discussion of the importanceof CX in the case of Samsung mobilephones.2. Consumer personacreation (15 marks)7 8• Clear explanation of a consumer personaand evaluation of its role in developingeffective CX strategy.• Identification of one key consumer personarelevant to Samsung mobiles and a detailedvisual (graphic or table) is providedcontaining the following elements:o Demographics and storyo Profileo Motivations for using a Samsungmobileo Goals for using a Samsung mobileo Painpoints a Samsung mobile solves.3.Customer journey map(15 marks)7 8• Clear explanation of a customer journeyand appropriate discussion of itsimportance to CX strategy.• A detailed customer journey is presented asa graphic or table based on the consumerpersona identified in task 2. It shouldinclude the following elements:o Stages of journeyo Activitieso Feelings and needso Potential opportunities forimprovement.4. Omnichannelmarketing (15 marks)510• Clear explanation of what is meant byomnichannel marketing and the role ofinteraction and customization inomnichannel marketing.• Identification of the different marketingchannels used for Samsung mobiles and adetailed analysis of how effective they arein achieving a seamless customer journey. 5. CX performancemetrics (15 marks)105• Identification and critical evaluation of fourappropriate CX performance metrics.• Justified recommendation of two keymetrics for Samsung mobiles.6. CX processes indifferent industries (20marks)20• Using five CX Critical Success Factors (CSFs)compare and explain the CX processes inSamsung and a company in anotherindustry.7. Conclusion (5 marks)5• Clear conclusion on how effectiveSamsung’s CX strategy is, using evidencefrom the previous six tasks to support yourreasoning.Presentation (5 marks)5• Clear structure and layout• Writing style: professional and concise• Appropriate Referencing: range andcredibility of the sources use and correctapplication of Harvard referencing stylethroughout report and appendicesTotal100


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