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ACCT20081 Financial Data AnalyticsProjectWeight: 30%Page 1 of 2INSTRUCTIONSPLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS VERY CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU START.a) PreparationBefore you attempt this project, you need to have read, understood and completed the relatedTableau Workshop Activities.b) Assessment InformationThe project consists of two parts: i).ii).Part A requires you to complete a series of activities in a Tableau workbook.Part B requires you to submit a written report (and supporting information) based on yourfindings from Part A. c) What to submit i).ii).A completed Tableau workbook (in .twbx format).A written report (in .doc or .docx or .pdf format). d) File Formats and Naming Conventionsi). The files MUST be named using the following convention: Tableau workbook to be named as follows:familyname_student_id_project.twbx (For example SMITH_s1234567_project.twbx) Written report to be named as follows:familyname_student_id_report.pdf (or .doc or .docx) (For example SMITH_s1234567_report.pdf)Failure to follow the above formatting and naming conventionwill result in marks being deductedACCT20081 Financial Data AnalyticsProjectWeight: 30%Page 2 of 2 Part A: Tableau Activities (50%)TaskDescription1PreparationIn this project you are provided with two (2) data files in the Assessment Section ofMoodle. The files are:1. Airbnb_listings_in_New_York.xlsx2. US_home_sales_1963_to_2016.xlsxSelect only ONE (1) of the above files to perform your analytics2RequirementsAs the Data Analytics specialist in your organisation, you have been assigned the task toanalyse your chosen data set (select only one of the two listed above).a) Import the data into Tableau.b) Examine the data and identify four analytics that you wish to perform. (Theseanalytics are your own personal choice).c) Perform each of the analytics in a separate sheet in your Tableau workbook. Usingthe methods that you learnt during your Tableau computer workshops, createappropriate visualizations (a selection of charts, graphs, maps, etc.) for each ofthe analytics that you are performing. (These visualizations are your own personalchoice).d) Finally put all your visualizations together into a single dashboard. You have thefreedom to design the dashboard and add components as appropriate.Part B: Written Report (50%)3Write a report to the CEO of your company to address each of the analytics that youcreated.a) Explain your findings and propose recommendations for future growth of thebusiness.b) The report should be a 2 page summary, professionally presented and backed upby appendices.c) The appendices will include all relevant information, from Tableau, that you useto support your findings, i.e. copies of ALL Tableau sheets AND the Dashboard.(Marks will be deducted for not including all supporting information).NOTE: Appendices are excluded from the page count.


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