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Food Service ManagementWeek 1Learning Outcome• Diversity of the food service context including fine dining, casualdining, fast food and take away, pop-up food services, conferencesand events, themed food services• Planning product ranges and suppliers in accordance withorganisational brand and theme• Food supply chain processes (farm to fork) and key players in theprocess• The roles of key players in the supply chainSIC codeFine dining• Fine dining restaurants, also referred to as white tableclothrestaurants, are typically higher end and fancier restaurants.• A fine dining restaurant has a formal atmosphere, is almost always asit down restaurant, and has a fancier menu than most restaurants.• Fine dining restaurants offer wine lists, and sometimes sommeliers, tohelp you with your food and wine pairing. They also have dress codesin most cases.Fine dining• Decor and atmosphere.• Fine dining restaurants are not places to be loud and are not places to go inripped jeans or tee shirts. Usually, jeans are prohibited or discouraged infine dining restaurants. Collared shirts are preferred for men, and somerestaurants also require a sport jacket or tie in order to be fully dressed.For ladies, skirts or dresses or other nice clothing are recommended.• Fine dining restaurants also generally offer more exotic or interesting menuitems. Foods such as escargot (snails), beef carpaccio (raw beef), and foiegras (liver) may appear on the menu, so if you aren’t an adventurous eaterand don’t like these things, make sure you understand exactly what it is youare ordering. The portions at a fine dining restaurant may also be smallerthan at a more casual or family style restaurant, but the food will generallybe of a higher quality.Casual dining• Casual eateries, cafes or family-style restaurants• More relaxed atmosphere• No formal dress code• Menu is simple and the portions tend to be bigger than in the finedining restaurant, the prices are affordable• Décor and atmosphere is more simple and the places tend to be more‘loud’Fast food restaurants• Burger King• McDonalds• Casual with a limited ‘specialised’ menu• Affordable• No special décor or atmosphere• You can sit down or have the food taken away• The staff are uniformed but the fast food chains do not have anydress codes• The places tend to be quite busy and loudTake away• There are places that only ‘take away’ versus places that can offer‘take away’ services• You show up to collect your food• Most of these now use the applications i.e. Uber eat or Eat Wellwhere you pre-order to collect• There is also a delivery possible with the take awaysConference and events• Business orientated• Formal and organised to a schedule• Very often sponsored by the companies who organise and pay forcatering• The menu is set i.e. 3 choices and served at a specific time


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