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101020320 LPlant Based MilkSUSTAINABLEEnvironmentally friendlyPackaging & ProductionCONVENIENTLonger Conservation &lighter Product WeightACCESSIBLEProvided in Stores &Delivery Models4MARKET VOLUME AND POTENTIALOPPORTUNITIES12.5%CAGR 2021-2028$20.5BGlobal dairy alternativesmarket size$52.8BGlobal revenue forecast,2028High demand due to• the shift in consumer eating patterns andchange in diet trends• increasing occurrences of milk allergies andlactose intolerance cases• A more health-conscious youthCUSTOMER SEGMENT AND STRATEGY5CUSTOMER SEGMENT: MILLENNIALS– Interested in plant-based products– Quality and price sensitive– Tendency to buy locally organic foodOBJECTIVES:– Increase brand awareness– Build trust and loyalty– Focus on what matters the most to the segment: priceand quality6OUR KEY PARTNERSRaw material supplier• Supplies high-quality plant-basedingredients• Ships directly to manufacturerMarketing agency• Manages social media channels• Plans and creates campaignsRetailers• Network of stores• Distributes goods between storesManufacturer• Produces the final product• Packaging• Ships product to warehouse or retailersLogistics partner• Distribution and delivery of goods“7 Product typeQuantityPriceChannelSingle Package20 L/package29.95euro/packageStoreSubscription80 L/year (4packages)24.75euro/packageDelivery PRODUCTS AND REVENUESTREAMS8 Major investments:Office & LabNon-Financial KPIs:Brand Awareness &Customer LoyaltyFinancial KPIs:Sales Volume &Net Profit FINANCIAL REQUIREMENTS – THE PROSPECTPrice: €29.95 (per pack)€99 (per year/4 packs)Volume: 414000LRevenue: €600000Gross profit: €240000202220219What are welooking for?Angel Investor€30.000 for 15% ofthe companyCollaboration tocreate the start-upnetwork


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