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International Cases in Sustainable Travel & Tourism © Benckendorff & Lund-Durlacher (Eds) International Cases in Sustainable Travel & TourismCorporate Social Responsibility and the Sustainable TourismPractices of Marriott InternationalMarriott InternationalCynthia S. DealeInternational Cases in Sustainable Travel & TourismLearning OutcomesAfter completing this case study, learners should be able to:1. define basic concepts of CSR and how a company can apply these in itsinternal practices as well externally with a variety of partners;2. describe the TBL approach to sustainability in lodging operations in terms ofthe interconnections between the economy, the natural environment, andthe social and cultural realm, and specifically CSR;3. explain best practices for CSR that can be implemented in lodging operations;4. identify opportunities and challenges and the give and take involved inbalancing the TBL approach to practicing sustainability in lodging operations,particularly while embracing CSR throughout an operation; and5. suggest additional sustainability practices that would be useful and desired inthe future in lodging operations.International Cases in Sustainable Travel & TourismBackgroundO This case study features the sustainability practices ofMarriott International, Inc., focusing on its corporate socialresponsibility (CSR).O The company seeks to address the concerns of its variedstakeholders and uses the framework of the GlobalReporting Initiative (GRI) (2013).O This case recognises the Marriott company’s success inapplying sustainable tourism practices, through its CSRefforts. (Marriott International, Inc., 2012).International Cases in Sustainable Travel & TourismBackgroundIn 2013, Marriott hadO over 3,700 lodging properties,O more than 300,000 employees around the world, andO reported $12 billion in sales (for the fiscal year 2011).Marriott operates and franchises hotels under 18 brands:O Marriott Hotels & Resorts, The Ritz-Carlton, JW Marriott, Bulgari,EDITION, Renaissance, Gaylord Hotels, Autograph Collection, AC Hotelsby Marriott, Courtyard, Fairfield Inn & Suites, SpringHill Suites,Residence Inn, TownePlace Suites, Marriott Executive Apartments,Marriott Vacation Club, Grand Residences by Marriott, and The RitzCarlton Destination Club (Marriott News Center, 2013).International Cases in Sustainable Travel & TourismKey conceptsO Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)O Triple Bottom Line (TBL)sustainabilityO Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)O Sustainability as a “way oftraveling.”O Sustainable tourismCase AnalysisO Marriott’s CSR efforts reflectcore values and embrace :– Business values– Society– EnvironmentO Marriott’s environmental visionand goals provide a context forthe caseKey Concepts & Case AnalysisInternational Cases in Sustainable Travel & TourismFuture OutlookMarriott continues its CSR efforts inits hotels to:O reduce energy and waterconsumption, waste production,and the carbon footprint;O improve its supply chain;O expand its number of greenhotels;O engage guests and associates insustainable practices.Marriott extends its CSR effortsbeyond its hotelsO to embrace rainforestpreservation and waterconservationMarriott continues to update andupgrade its CSR effortsO pushing forward to improve andexpand upon its work in allareas of sustainability.International Cases in Sustainable Travel & TourismStudy Questions1. Sometimes there is resistance to practicing social and environmentalsustainability in CSR efforts because these practices must be balanced withprofitability. What can various stakeholders do to help ensure that thisbalance—the TBL of people-planet-profits– is the focus of sustainabilityefforts?2. Compare and contrast Marriott‘s CSR efforts with those of another prominentlodging or hospitality company. Use references to make the comparison.3. One focus of sustainability is to buy local and fair trade goods, includingfoods, beverages, household goods, and furniture. Write a plan for purchasingfor the lodging industry, or another segment of the hospitality and tourismindustry, based on current and future trends in the global economy, with afocus on CSR and the TBL of sustainability. Cite at least two references.International Cases in Sustainable Travel & TourismStudy Questions3. Globalisation often refers to the increased mobility of goods, services, labour,technology, and capital throughout the world and this process has increaseddramatically with the advent of new technologies. This interconnectednessincreases interdependence and can create greater uniformity across culturesand societies and promote greater unity and openness (Gizewski, 2009).Discuss the benefits and drawbacks to this globalisation for CSR among thosewho operate hospitality and tourism businesses. Cite at least two references.4. Marriott’s CSR efforts are well integrated into its company culture andextensive. Suggest CSR efforts that you might engage in if you were themanager of a lodging operation. Base your ideas on what you had read aboutMarriott’s CSR efforts, extend your ideas using ideas from at least two othercompanies, and explain why you believe that these CSR efforts would beeffective.


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