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Research Preparation in Post Graduate StudiesWritten Report 2May 6, 2021Unit Code 301387Instructor: Dr. Ivan BojicicEmail: [email protected] Written Report 2• Percentage of total Grade: 25 %• Type of Collaboration: Individual• Due: 28th May 2021, 11.59pm on vUWS2 InstructionsStudents will design their own research report, experiment, project proposal, fundingproposal, observing proposal, or similar. This will take the form of a written documentusing official templates and LaTeX styles used in class.2.1 Report Format and guidelinesFor your Written report 2, you will use the LiteratureReview.tex template found inthe LaTeX on the vuws site.The Written Report 2 will be original and individual work and will have a minimumlength of 1500 words. It should start with short introduction of the topic (not more thantwo paragraphs) which will summarise your Literature Review (WR1) and re-iterate themain question/problem which you are trying to solve in this report.Next sections depend on the format of your WR2 (research proposal or researchproject). For more information regarding content of your WR2 please refer to lecturenotes and recommended literature.As with WR1 only one submission attempt is allowed. PLEASE CHECKAND THEN CHECK AGAIN YOUR REPORT BEFORE THE SUBMISSION! Noadditional submission will be possible.12.2 Technical requirements• the report must have a minimum length of 1500 words (not including references),• the submitted report MUST be in the pdf format compiled in LaTeX typesettingsoftware. Other formats (e.g. pdf compiled by MS Word) will result in the finalmark reduced by 50%,• if the format is research project the report must contain statistical componentdone by you (not just adopted from reviewed papers). If the data used in statisticalconsideration is adopted from another paper you must clearly state the source ofthe data,• if the format is research proposal the report must contain anticipated timeline(in the format of gantt chart) and budget (in the tabular format) of the project,• your report must contain Abstract and References (or Bibliography) sections.Make sure that sure your citations are done correctly using cite or citep commands. You can use the same references from WR 1,• all adopted images and adopted data in the report must have clearly stated source,must have caption and must be cross-referenced in the main text.• marking criteria are presented in Figure 1.Finally, submit only the pdf file created by typesetting (it will be in the same folder where your .texfile resides) using vUWS.2Figure 1: Marking criteria.3


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