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ICT90003 Semester 1 2021 Task 3: Research Proposal Page 1ICT90003 Applied Research MethodsAssessment Task 3: Research ProposalImportant DetailsDue date: Sunday June 6, 2021, 23:59This task is worth 45% of your final mark. The report is to be completed in groups.Suggested word count for the proposal report should be between 2500–4000 words.IntroductionThe aim of this task is to develop a research proposal for a hypothetical research project.This report will demonstrate your ability to search for relevant literature, write about otherwork in the area, design a research project, and communicate details in written formappropriate to an ICT professional audience.All learning outcomes are addressed by this task.The TaskTo complete this task, you and your group will need to do the following:1. Finalise your choice of topic.2. Present a review that covers relevant advances in the topic area.3. Decide on a research method and design the project (e.g. describe the experimentsor surveys you will run).4. Where applicable, identify ethical and professional considerations and managementthereof (e.g. do you require ethics approval? How does it fit with the ACS Code ofEthics? How will you store data? Etc.).5. Develop a time plan for your project. Identify stakeholders and includecommunication/interaction steps in your plan (e.g. workshops, meetings,conferences).6. Identify key constraints for your project: these could include time, quality, as well asmaterial constraints and risks etc. A mitigation plan for significant risks should beincluded.7. Write a structured report, including:a. Abstractb. Introductionc. Need/aim of the researchd. Background and literature reviewe. Research plan (e.g. scope, question, hypotheses, methodology, etc.)f. Research constraintsg. Time plan and milestonesh. Conclusion and further worki. Acknowledgements and references.8. The report should use language appropriate for the intended audience.ICT90003 Semester 1 2021 Task 3: Research Proposal Page 2Peer Review SubmissionA Peer review factor will be used to moderate individual team member’s contribution towardthis group submission. The peer review form will be completed in Week 12 and submitted onCanvas. Every team member is required to complete this form. There is a penalty of 5 marks(of group proposal mark) for non-completion of the review.Any perceived issues with group work will need to be resolved internally by the groupmembers. If it cannot be resolved internally, please approach the teaching staff as soon aspossible (i.e. not after work is submitted).Appendices may be included in the report. The cover page, table of contents, appendices,acknowledgements and references are not included in the word count.FormattingThe report should follow these guidelines:• A cover page and table of content is required.• Any standard referencing style is sufficient: IEEE, Swinburne Harvard style, APAreferencing, etc.• The report should be presented using any writing template with a single column,minimum of 12pt font with 1.15 or 1.5 line spacing (please DO NOT use any templatewith double columns).• The cover page needs to include official student names and numbers. A word countshould be included at the end of the report (before references).• Page numbers are required. Each page should have a footer with your group id anda page number.• All figures and tables should have meaningful captions. These can be in a smallerfont size but should be legible.SubmissionThe final report should be submitted via Canvas. Note that Canvas sometimes has outagesbeyond our control, so it is not wise to leave the submission to the last minute.You can use the same reference papers and sources you included in previous tasks.However, content from previous tasks (even your own tasks) cannot be reused verbatim.Extensions and Late SubmissionStudents are referred to the Unit Outline for more details.Referencing StyleAny standard referencing guide.Academic HonestyThe work submitted is to be the work of the group members only, and references must bemade to the work of others. Note content from assessed tasks in this or other units (evenyour own tasks) cannot be reused. However, you can reference papers and sources youincluded in previous tasks. Students are referred to the Unit Outline for more details.


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