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Module: (FY027) Preparing for Success: Self Development and Responsibility CW1 – Portfolio Student’s Name:LSST ID Number:BNU ID Number:Lecturer’s Name:Submission Date: Table of Contents1IntroductionPage No.2Mini project workshops attended and how they contributed towards the development of my Social and Ethical Awareness and Responsibility.3Importance and value of the Appendices (12 Documents) that I have compiled and provided as part of my portfolio4Conclusion5References612 Appendices for the PortfolioAppendix 1Personal Development PlanAppendix 2Personal SWOT AnalysisAppendix 3Reading LogAppendix 4Photos or samples of work produced in class (during lessons or workshops) relating to Social and Ethical Awareness and Responsibility.Appendix 5Time Management Skills: Weekly ScheduleAppendix 6Communication Skills: Identification of the most effective skillsAppendix 7Social and Ethical Awareness Attributes: Comparison between Good and Bad Attributes.Appendix 8Academic Writing SkillsAppendix 9Employability SkillsAppendix 10Notes on ReflectionAppendix 11Up-to-Date Curriculum Vitae (CV)Appendix 12Action Plan on a specific academic or professional goal you aim to achieve Introduction: Answer to the question: Specify the mini project workshops that you attended and explain how and why they contributed towards the development of your social and ethical awareness and responsibility. (500 words) In a paragraph or two explain the value or usefulness of the Appendices (12 Documents) that you have compiled and provided as part of your portfolio. Conclusion: References: 12 Appendices for the Portfolio APPENDIX 1: My Personal Development Plan My Full Name:Title of Course I’m Enrolled For:Name of Institution:Level at which I am Currently Studying:Start Date:End Date:My Reasons/Motivation for Doing this Course:Objectives for my personal developmentActions required to achieve my objectivesSupport and/or resources I needTimeframeEstimated date of completion / achievementonline APPENDIX 2: My Personal SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS (strong points)WEAKNESSES (weak points)11223344556677OPPORTUNITIES (potential gains)THREATS (potential losses11223344556677 APPENDIX 3: Reading Log READING LOGDATETITLEAUTHORTIME SPENTNUMBER OF PAGES READ45 min9 APPENDIX 4: Photos or samples of work produced in class (during lessons or workshops) relating to Social and Ethical Awareness. CaptionCaption APPENDIX 5: Time Management Skills: Weekly Schedule SUNMONTUESWEDTHURSFRISAT6:00 AM7:00 AM8:00 AM9:00 AM10:00 AM11:00 AM12:00 PM1:00 PM2:00 PM3:00 PM4:00 PM5:00 PM6:00 PM7:00 PM8:00 PM9:00 PM10:00 PM11:00 PM12:00 PM1:00 AM APPENDIX 6: Communication Skills: Effective vs Ineffective Communication EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONINEFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION1From lectures1223344556677BENEFITS OF EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION1234567 APPENDIX 7: Social and Ethical Awareness Attributes: Comparison between good and bad practices. No.GOOD ATTRIBUTESNo.BAD ATTRIBUTES11223344556677 APPENDIX 8: Academic Writing Skills: Select from the following list, any three skills that you have learnt from the lessons and workshops that you have attended; and briefly state the BENEFITS you have gained from learning the said academic skills: ReferencingSummarizingParaphrasingEditing of textData analysisCreating a Table of ContentsInterpreting feedback given by your lecturer; and acting on itUsing punctuation marks correctlyUnderstanding verbs that are commonly used in Assignments;Reflective writingAny other academic skill. 1Academic Skill 1Strong points (advantages)Weak points (disadvantages)Benefit(s) of this skill to me-


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