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Strategic Management DanielBlinduby Daniel BlinduSubmission date: 15-Dec-2019 03:21PM (UTC+0000)Submission ID: 115544135File name: 114161_Daniel_Blindu_Strategic_Management_Daniel_Blindu_751913_77886910.docx (3.6M)Word count: 3023Character count: 17456 12 345 6789 10111213 14 15 0%SIMILARITY INDEX0%INTERNET SOURCES0%PUBLICATIONS0%STUDENT PAPERS Exclude quotesOffExclude bibliographyOn Exclude matches < 5%Strategic Management Daniel BlinduORIGINALITY REPORTPRIMARY SOURCESFINAL GRADE86/100Strategic Management Daniel BlinduGRADEMARK REPORTGENERAL COMMENTSInstructorThank you for submitting your assignment. You havebeen provided with some specific annotated feedbackin the text to assist you in developing your work. Pleasefeel free to come and speak to me about any of it or thesummative feedback below.1) As part of the learning needs for the module andsubsequent assessments you are required to meet thelearning outcomes as detailed in your module Guide.For this assessment they are:LO1: Critically analyse concepts and models whichrelate to organisational strategy – MetLO4: Critically appraise the importance of changemanagement – Met2) Please also find below the criteria that relates to themaking scheme for HE Level 6. You have been markedin accordance with those criteria for this assignment.Relevance (to the title/ brief/ Learning Outcomes) –ExceptionalKnowledge/ Understanding (cognitive awareness of thesubject area) – ExceptionalArgument/ Analysis (appropriate to the level) –ExceptionalStructure (planning and flow) – ExceptionalPresentation (format/ layout, use of tables, figures &Appendices) – ExceptionalWritten English (style, clarity, spelling & grammar) –Very goodResearch (quality & range of research sourcesemployed) – ExceptionalReferencing (in the text, in the Bibliography/ReferenceList) – Very good.3) Marks allocation1. Introduction (5 Marks): 5 marks.2. A critical assessment of the process used byorganisations to determine their strategy. (20 Marks):17 marks.3. An evaluation of the critical models and tools usedby organisations to determine their strategy (20 Marks):17 marks.4. An application of these tool to a real organisationof your choice (20 Marks): 17 marks.5. Critically appraise the importance of changemanagement based on the complexity of thetransformation process, its costs, risks andsustainability (20 Marks): 17 marks.6. Grammatically correct style, in text referencingthroughout, including quotes, referenced according tothe Harvard Referencing System. (15 Marks): 13marks.4) Comments:Your work has satisfied the requirements for passingthis assignment.Your report covered the outcomes, it has beenpresented in an outstanding style using properly theinformation source and fulfilling the questionsproposed.The introduction that you have prepared includes aclear, concise, and complete definition of strategicmanagement. You explained the process used byorganisations to determine their strategy, and youevaluated it completely.You analysed the critical models and tools used byorganisations to determine their strategy. Also, youconsulted several information sources to determine themain strengths and drawbacks of these tools andassess them.Additionally, the application of them to an organizationwas complete and well prepared.The evaluation of the importance of changemanagement was made considering the differentfactors related to complexity, costs, risks, andsustainability. Perhaps you could have explained eachone detailly, but your work is very good.5) Areas for Further Development:Daniel, well done your work has been outstanding.!Juan Carlos Braschi RangelMarking TutorPAGE 1PAGE 2PAGE 3Comment 1Daniel this definition is clear, concise, and complete. Very good!Comment 2Very good approach Daniel!PAGE 4PAGE 5Comment 3Excellent Daniel!Comment 4A very good assessment of the strategic steering approach and its application to a business!PAGE 6Comment 5Excellent assessment!PAGE 7PAGE 8Comment 6Good!Good!PAGE 9Comment 7Good and right print screen insertion!PAGE 10Comment 8Good and right print screen insertions!PAGE 11Comment 9You have inserted the images of all the business areas which this organization is involved in. Good!PAGE 12PAGE 13PAGE 14PAGE 15Comment 10Very good and well-documented criticism for this tool!Comment 11This is right!PAGE 16Comment 12Very good, clear, and concise!PAGE 17Comment 13Excellent good matrix!PAGE 18PAGE 19PAGE 20Comment 14Good!PAGE 21PAGE 22Comment 15This analysis is precise and complete!PAGE 23PAGE 24


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