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Mark schedule for CVE80003 Transport Economics assignment (2021): ComponentTotal marks 100Submission ofassignmentAssignment report & spreadsheet submitted on time onCanvas (incl. separate worksheets for sensitivity testing).5 marksSensitivity tests done &correctlySensitivity tests undertaken using supplied ExcelSpreadsheet for Example 1: Flood Mitigation.xls.20 marks (5 marks each)(1 mark for doing each test & including worksheet, 4 marks forcorrect input(s) to each option & obtaining the correct results).Students who do not include an e-copy of the spreadsheetwith separate worksheets for each of the 4 sensitivity tests willnot obtain the assigned marks for this component of theassignment.Report75 marks, broken down as follows:Initial analysis: (30 marks):1) Explanation of the Flood Mitigation issue from anengineering point of view (3 marks)2) Outline and application of CBA methodology to thiscase study: problem identification, objective, optionsidentified & explained, identification of base case &project cases, parameters used & analysis frameworkpresented (in tables) across options, costs &anticipated benefits of the options, incl. agency & roaduser costs identified) (15 marks)3) Initial results obtained in terms of economic decisionrules (i.e. NPV, BCR, IRR, FYRR) for the project,presented in tables & graphs, and explained (7 marks)4) Description of the decision context, initial decisiontaken (project selected) and why (5 marks).Sensitivity analysis: (40 marks, i.e. 10 marks each)For each sensitivity test (using supplied Excel Spreadsheet):1) Input data used / changes to parameter data (3 marks)2) Results obtained in terms of economic decision rules,i.e. NPV, BCR, IRR, FYRR (4 marks)3) Comparison with initial results and explanation ofdifferences. (3 marks)Conclusion: (5 marks)Final project decision, taking into account results of sensitivityanalysis, explain any changes to initial decision, or not.


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