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ELE5ERMAssessment 4: Research proposal – 500 words (30%)Due date: 21st May 11:59 p.m.Relevant SILOsOne: Effectively plan and develop short, professional, clear and coherent engineeringresearch documents for a technical audience.Three: Search, analyse and synthesise engineering, science and other relevant literaturein order to determine the need for further research in a chosen area.Task:You are required to write a research proposal. Your proposal can be on any topic of yourchoice but you may like to draw ideas and inspiration from the future research/conclusionsections of the papers provided on LMS (under the folder ‘Assessment 3 – source papers’).Each stream of engineering has three papers to help you think of a topic.Your research proposal must:a) Clearly define the issue/problem you are proposing to investigate, describing thecauses and extent of the problem, and its background;b) Situate your project within current academic research, referring to current issuesand trends (a comprehensive literature review is not required);c) Clearly state the aims of the research;d) Justify why the project is important and worthy of research;e) Describe your methodology; andf) Describe expected outcomes.Instructions:• You must upload your research proposal to Studiosity (available via LMS or TheLearning HUB) and consider the feedback before submitting your finalassessment. To allow enough time for Studiosity to process your work, uploadyour draft to Studiosity by COB Tuesday 18 May. A PDF of your Studiosityfeedback must be submitted with your final assessment. These two documentsare to be uploaded to LMS by the due date.• Your assignment should be approximately 500 words ± 10%.• Your References list is not included in the word count.• References can be in either IEEE, APA or Harvard style.• Font should be size 12, Calibri style, 1.5 spaced and justified.• Include headings and subheadings where necessary.• Include your name and student number in the top left. MARKING RUBRIC CriteriaA (80-100)B (70-79)C (60-69)D (50-59)N (0-49)Content1. The piece writtenusing sophisticated,clear and conciseexpression andthere are no errorsof spelling, syntax orpunctuation2. Required wordlength is respected3. Feedback fromStudiosity clearlyincorporated; finalwork is extremelypolished1. The piece written usingclear and conciseexpression and there areno errors of spelling,syntax or punctuation2. Required word length isrespected3. Feedback from Studiosityincorporated; final workis polished1. The piece is largelywritten using clear andprecise expression withfew errors of spelling,syntax or punctuation2. Remains fairly close torequired word length3. Feedback from Studiositysomewhat incorporated;final work is almostpolished1. The piece is written usingexpression that is notclear and/or is impreciseand there are a numberof errors of spelling,syntax or punctuation2. Required word length isnot respected3. Feedback from Studiositynot incorporated; finalwork requires furtherediting1. The piece is writtenusing expression thatis not clear and/or isimprecise and thereare significant errorsof spelling, syntax orpunctuation2. Required word lengthis not respected3. Feedback fromStudiosity notincorporated; still inearly draft stageStructure,thematic &internalcoherence1. All requiredinformation isintegrated in asophisticated way2. Excellentorganization ofideas: sentences arealways wellconnected to eachother and follow alogical flow1. All required informationis integrated2. Reasonable organizationof ideas: sentences aremostly well connected toeach other and follow alogical flow1. Almost all requiredinformation isintegrated2. At times confused andconfusingorganization of ideas:sentences are partlywell connected toeach other but thereare a few problemswith the linksbetween them1. In a number of cases, therequired information isnot integrated2. Only minimalorganization of ideas:sentences not alwaysconnected to each other,with a resulting flaw inthe logical connections1. There are substantialgaps in theinformation provided2. Very poor organizationof ideas, withsentences rarelylogically linkedAcademicconventions1. All references correctlycited in appropriatestyle1. The paper may have afew citation errors1. There may be a numberof citation errors1. Refencing exists throughoutthe paper1. Citations are absentthroughout the paper


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