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Outlines of Advanced programming Assignment What is OOPS? (P1)Characteristics of OOPS (Inheritance, Encapsulation, Abstraction, Polymorphism)Cover on different class relationship (Composition and Association).Provide a solid argument on why Design patterns can be achieved only with the use of OOPS (Importance of OOPS in Design patterns)-D1Cover on design patterns (P4, M1, M2, D3, D4)Define any 3 creational types, any 3 Structural and 3 behavioural typesProvide a class diagram of the stated typesProvide a sample codes of the stated type.Proceed further to cover on which design patterns among creational, structural and behavioural covered in your developed project-M4.Provide UML diagram (Class, Use case and Activity diagram)-P2Discuss how your UML diagram can be improved-M2.Present the whole projects with its output snapshots and codes and make sure you explain all the codes.P3, M3


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