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2Table of ContentsRSCH09017 2019 Dissertation Full TitleDissertation Transcript TitleDissertation StatusIB – Uploaded to BannerModule CodeRSCH09017 NFQ Level09ECTS Credits30 Subject AreaRSCH – ResearchAttendanceN/A % Grading ModeNumeric/PercentageModuleDurationCalendar Year Stage – (45 Weeks) Start Term2019 – Academic Year 2019-2020End Term9999 – The End of Time Module LeaderJames GriffinDepartmentD241 – Business & Financial Services Module Co-AuthorsLouise Nugent Module DescriptionThis is a capstone module which draws from modules delivered throughout the programme. The aim of the module is toencourage learners to develop integrative learning and critical reflection as they bring together a range of concepts, theories,frameworks and practices within a research setting.The module focuses on the preparation of a large-scale research proposal; analysis and synthesis of extant literature at theforefront of the candidates research interest; application of the findings from literature review to the design; testing and executionof an in-depth; primary research study; interpretation and reporting of findings to supervisor, and the application of bothsecondary and primary findings to the preparation of clear, well justified conclusions which address the original aims andobjectives of the research. Indicative SyllabusResearch Planning & DesignResearch Proposal; Setting aims & objectivesMeaning and Significance of Research Designs,Features of a good research design, RSCH09017 2019DissertationPage 2 of 6Printed by Academic Module Manager 3.0 for Limerick Institute of TechnologyClassification of research design, contents of research design;Research Methodology; Problem Formulation.Formulating Literature ReviewLiterature Search &Assessing quality of LiteratureCritical evaluation and analysis and review of LiteratureLogical Flows of IdeasRemaining unbiasedProper use of terminologyReferencing guidelines (Harvard); Endnote softwareTurnItIn softwareConceptual Frameworks:Hypothesis Formulation, characteristics of good hypothesesResearch PhilosophiesResearch Approaches,Research Process,Validity and Reliability in Research,Obstacles in accepting research.Primary Research ReportingReporting findingsLinking Literature Review and findingsConclusionsDrawing conclusions, linking to original aims and objectivesRecommendationsLimitationsFurther ResearchAcademic PublishingPeer reviewed JournalsSubmitting papers Learning Outcomes On completion of this module the learner will/should be able to;1.Plan and execute academic research which extends the forefront of their discipline through original research.2.Act competently and ethically as an independent researcher in their discipline ​Page 3 of 6Printed by Academic Module Manager 3.0 for Limerick Institute of Technology 3.Source relevant information, critically interpret and apply appropriate referenced literature from a wide range of informationsources4.Evaluate the appropriateness of a chosen theoretical perspective5.Formulate a hypothesis and design a relevant programme of investigation6.Recognise the limitations of their research and suggest ways of overcomingthese in future research7.Contribute to the development of new techniques, ideas or approaches ​​ Teaching and Learning StrategiesGroup discussion and classes will take place weekly. Students will work individually with a supervisor. Module Assessment StrategiesThis will be a major individual assessment, whereby a 20,000-word academic dissertation is planned, researched andwritten‑up. This assignment will contain a number of milestones which encompass stage deliverables such as a researchproposal, literature review, primary data collection instruments, primary data analysis and final thesis.Softbound research thesis must be submitted by 1st September in the same year as the final examination is takenThis assessment will measure learners’ achievement of multiple learning outcomes. Repeat Assessment StrategiesA student must pass the dissertation module. If it is failed, the student will be required to resubmit a modified or new dissertationbefore August 31st of the following year. Programme MembershipLC_BDIMT_MMY 201900 Master of Science in Digital Marketing Coursework & ContinuousAssessment0 %End of Semester / Year FormalExam100 % Coursework / Continuous Assessment BreakdownPage 4 of 6Printed by Academic Module Manager 3.0 for Limerick Institute of Technology Other ResourcesThesis GuideAcademic Writing Guide CoverBook DetailsLarry, L., (2012). The Literature Review: Six Steps to Success. . Corwin.ISBN 1452240884 ISBN-13 9781452240886Yin, K., (2004). The Case Study Anthology. . SAGE Publications, Inc.ISBN 0761929258 ISBN-13 9780761929253 Coursework AssessmentTitleTypeFormFailedElementPercentWeekOutcomesAssessedResearchProposal &PresentationContinuousAssessmentProjectNo10 %Week 101LiteratureReviewContinuousAssessmentWritten ReportNo10 %Week 203,4,5MethodologyContinuousAssessmentWritten ReportNo10 %Week 301,2,6,7FinalDissertationContinuousAssessmentWritten ReportNo70 %End of Year1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Full Time Mode WorkloadTypeLocationDescriptionHoursFrequencyAvg WorkloadSeminarFlat ClassroomLecture/Seminar1Weekly1.00Directed LearningNot SpecifiedSupervisor Contact.66Weekly0.66 Total Full Time Average Weekly Learner Contact Time 1.66 HoursModule ResourcesRecommended Book ListPage 5 of 6Printed by Academic Module Manager 3.0 for Limerick Institute of Technology Creswell, W., (2013). Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches, 4thEdition. . SAGE Publications, Inc.ISBN 1452226105 ISBN-13 9781452226101Maxwell, A., (2012). Qualitative Research Design: An Interactive Approach (Applied Social ResearchMethods). . SAGE Publications, Inc.ISBN 1412981190 ISBN-13 9781412981194(2002). Qualitative Research in Practice: Examples for Discussion and Analysis. . Jossey-Bass.ISBN 0787958956 ISBN-13 9780787958954Jankowicz, A D., (2004). Business Research Projects. . Cengage Learning EMEA.ISBN 1844800822 ISBN-13 9781844800827Truss, L., (2008). Eats, Shoots & Leaves Illustrated Edition. . Gotham.ISBN 1592403913 ISBN-13 9781592403912 Page 6 of 6Printed by Academic Module Manager 3.0 for Limerick Institute of Technology


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