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Diffie-Hellman key-exchange protocol. Week 9 Open the file (Diffie-Hellman-Key-Exchange) using Cryptool 2.0. On the left-hand side you see Alices actions and numbers.On the right-hand side Bobs values.At the bottom you see the common seret as calculate by both of them.Try and change the choosen secrets of Alice and of Bob to any number smaller than the prime p, and re-execute the program. The calculated common secret will always yield the same value. In the middle of this sample you see two textboxes with the values v and w – these are the values which usually are transmitted over the network (besides p and g). With this information only, an intruder is not able to calculate the common secret without calculating the discrete logarithm of w or v. However, calculating the discrete logarithm (when we choose large number) is extremely difficult – if the numbers are high enough it becomes computationally infeasible.


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