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TM6100: Financial and Revenue Management Assessment   Exam Alternative Assessment (50%) – 2 000 words   ASSESSMENT 1.1      Details of Alternative Assessment Submission COMPANY ANALYSIS Using the case study provided, critically evaluate the financial performance of the company for the financial years ended 2019/20.  This should include information researched outside of the company accounts as well as the traditional information enclosed within the reports. Your analysis should include: An evaluation of the sources of finance used by the company.Performance analysis using ratios and a commentary on its performance. A comparative analysis to a competitor and highlight the competitive advantage of the company.Some recommendations to strengthen the financial performance of the business. Essential steps Company Analysis You will be provided with a copy of the annual reports and financial statements for the case study. Use the financial statements to evaluate and appraise the sources of finance that are used. Conduct a financial analysis considering the company’s performance. Calculate the main classes of ratios used when analysing company performance in the classroom activities. Once you have calculated the ratios then critically analyse the performance of the company over the two financial years using different criteria. Also include in this, a critique of the uses of ratio analysis as a performance analysis tool. Consider a comparative analysis to competitors as well as an environmental analysis to factors influencing performance. Deadline for Submission: Submission:  Monday 16th May 2021, by 16.00hrs via Turnitin Details of Submission Procedures Your assignment should be presented in an report format i.e.:Title,Contents Page,Introduction,Main Body (including subheadings),Conclusion,Recommendations,Reference List,Appendices (if required).The module code and name, your student number and the submission deadline must appear on the first/title page of your assignment. (If you are submitting late or if you have applied for or will be applying for extenuation please also note).Font style: any normal font (e.g. Times New Roman or Arial); font size: 11 or 12.Pages should be numbered.


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