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MKT3SEM: Assessment 2(Individual Marketing Plan) Grading CRITERIAN: Unacceptable ( 80 %)Supporting literature,analysis, justificationof the knowledge gapand future workNot all required relevantreferences present (< 5).No/Little understandingdemonstrated.Very disorganized / no or poorsummaries. Random points.Irrelevant information. Littleexpressed in own words.No insights into the literaturebase haven’t emerged /attempted insights areinappropriate/ Future researchmostly or totally neglected.Minimum 5 required relevantreferences present and used.Some understanding demonstrated.Attempted summary of literaturebut no integration. No links betweenideas.Not all information relevant /overuse of quotes rather than usingown words.Insights into the literature basehaven’t emerged / are mostlyinappropriate./ Future researchdoesn’t emerge from integration ofliterature.At least 5 required references arepresent and used.Acceptable understandingdemonstrated. Identifies what isknown.All literature well summarized.Some links between ideas but notall clear. Some themes identifiedMost information was relevantand expressed in own words;some quotes included. Insightsinto the literature are emerging.Attempts to identify what is notknown but research question gap/ future research not stronglysupported in the review.Goes beyond minimum 5required relevant referencespresent and used.Good understandingdemonstrated. Clearly identifieswhat is known.All literature very wellsummarized. Themes identifiedand links between ideas evident.All information was relevant andexpressed in own words; somewell used quotes. Insights intothe literature are establishing.Clear attempts to identify whatis not known. Research questiongap / future research supportedin the review.Goes well beyond minimumreferences with all used (at least8).Excellent understandingdemonstrated.Links and connections betweenliterature / ideas made clear.Themes clearly developed.Insights into the literature areclear and appropriate.Clearly identifies what is notknown. / Research question gap /future research are stronglysupported / justified in thereview.20 Marks0-9 marks10-11 marks12-13 marks14-15 marks16-20 marksIdentification andanalysis of the socialmarketing problem /issueNo attempt to define problem /confused purposeSome attempt at defining theproblem in social marketing termsby relating it to the supportingreview (secondary data).The social marketing problem isidentified and related to thesupporting review, but lacksspecificity for required behaviourchange.The social marketing problem isidentified and related to thesupporting review, and includesspecificity for requiredbehaviour change.The social marketing problem isidentified along with plan’spurpose in terms of requiredbehaviour change in specificlocation.10 Marks0-4 marks5 marks6 marks7 marks8, 9, 10 marksSituation AnalysisStakeholders analysisUpstream PolicyIssuesSituation analysis and/orstakeholder analysis incomplete.No link to goals.No attention to upstream policyissues.Situation analysis and/orstakeholder analysis lacks purpose.Little link to goals.Few upstream policy issues.Very few changes recommendedSituation analysis and/orstakeholder analysis partiallyidentified.Some link to goals.Upstream policy issues impact ismostly clear. Some changesrecommended.Situation analysis and/orstakeholder analysis identified.Links to goals present.Upstream policy issues impact isclear. Changes recommended.Situation analysis and stakeholderanalysis both analyse ability toreach goals.Upstream policy issues impact isclear.15 Marks0-7 marks8 marks9, 10 marks11 marks12-15 marksChoice andjustification ofappropriate socialmarketing theory forapplicationSocial marketing theory chosen,but critical elements notidentified.No/little description of theory.No/little justification for theory.No link to behaviour change.Social marketing theory chosen, butcritical elements poorly identified.Theory is described, but justificationof choice is very unclear. Littleattempt to link elements critical forbehaviour changeSocial marketing theory is chosenand some critical elementsidentified.Justification of choice issomewhat clear and attempts tolink to the elements critical forbehaviour change.Social marketing theory is wellchosen and many criticalelements identified.Justification of choice is mostlyclear and links to the elementscritical for behaviour changeSocial marketing theory chosenand critical elements identified.Justification of choice is clear andprecise and linked to the elementscritical for behaviour change.10 Marks0-4 marks5 marks6 marks7 marks8, 9, 10 marks MKT3SEM: Assessment 2 (Individual Marketing Plan) Grading CRITERIAN: Unacceptable ( 80 %)Segmentation &TargetingNo clear purpose. Segments andtarget market not identified /analysed.Purpose of social marketing planintervention with specific segment(one only) present but unclear.Target market (audience) not clearlyidentified / analysed.Purpose of social marketing planintervention with specificsegments and target market(audience) identified with someanalysis.Purpose of social marketing planintervention with specificsegments and target market(audience) identified with clearanalysis.Purpose of social marketing planintervention with specificsegments considered and targetmarket (audience) identified withdeep analysis.15 Marks0-7 marks8 marks9, 10 marks11 marks12-15 marksThe marketing mixFormulation of offer is scattered /absent. Poor and/or restricted useof 4Ps + People and Partnerships.Formulation of offer is incomplete.Very limited use of 4Ps + People andPartnerships.Formulation of offer is partiallydeveloped. Some use of 4Ps +People and Partnerships.Formulation of offer is mostlydeveloped. Good use of 4Ps +People and Partnerships.Formulation of offer is fullydeveloped. Full use of 4Ps +People and Partnerships.10 Marks0-4 marks5 marks6 marks7 marks8, 9, 10 marksRecommendationsfor implementingand evaluating thesocial marketingapproach.No implementation approach.No evaluation shown.Implementation & evaluation usesfew specifics to track response tosocial marketing intervention (e.g.brand awareness) and to trackbehaviour change after interventionImplementation & evaluationuses some specifics to trackresponse to social marketingintervention and track behaviourchange after intervention.Implementation & evaluationuses a good range of specifics totrack response to socialmarketing intervention and trackbehaviour change afterintervention.Implementation & evaluation usesan excellent range of measureswith statistics / incidence rates totrack response to social marketingintervention and to trackbehaviour change afterintervention.10 Marks0-4 marks5 marks6 marks7 marks8, 9, 10 marksAcademic writingconventions andreferencing formatResponse is poorly written withfrequent errors; little or noadherence to Harvard referencingstyle.Acceptable quality of academicwriting, although with some spellingor grammatical errors. Somereferences correctly cited usingHarvard referencing style, with someerrors.Good quality of academic writing,with few spelling or grammaticalerrors. Most references correctlycited using Harvard referencingstyle.Very good quality of academicwriting, with little or no spellingor grammatical errors. Allreferences correctly cited usingHarvard referencing style.Excellent quality of academicwriting, with no spelling orgrammatical errors. All referencescorrectly cited using Harvardreferencing style.10 Marks0-4 marks5 marks6 marks7 marks8, 9, 10 marks


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