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@ 2 0 1 8 C B R E I n c .“In this new workplaceI have learnt how to leaddifferently”Business Leader“Savings exceededthe investment inworkplace strategy”Real Estate ExecutiveWe Aspire To Make Work Better.C B R E W O R K P L A C E T H I N K I N GTHE VALUE OF WORKPLACE INTELLIGENCE IN THE LEASING PROCESSNow is the right time to decide whether a different workplace strategy will make a measurable differenceto your organisation and impact your leasing decisions.OptimisespaceBy recapturing underutilised space andcreating better strategiesfor accommodating longterm headcount fluctuationsOptimiseworkBy enabling the right kindof collaboration,connecting the businessand busting silosUse the spaceyou havebetterBy scientifically right sizingwhat you build with whatyour people really need to beproductiveAttract, retain& motivate yourworkforceBy delivering a superior workexperience and enhancing healthand wellbeingD E L I V E R I N G M E A S U R A B L E B E N E F I T [email protected] 2 0 1 8 C B R E I n c .We Aspire To Make Work Better.BRINGING WORKPLACE THINKING TO END-TO-END R.E DELIVERYTRANSACTION PROJECT MANAGEMENTFEASIBILITYIdentify and comparetraditional and newworkplace options.Quantify financial andbusiness performancepro’s and con’s toinform buildingselection and leasingoptionsSTRATEGYFinalise workplacevision, quantifyspace and furniturerequirements, keydesign principles,workplace technologyand a strategy forstaff and leadershipbuy inIMPLEMENTEnsure that your designerscorrectly interpret yourworkplacestrategy. Support yourpeople on the changejourney; understandinghow to work differentlyand perform betterFACILITIES MANAGEMENTHOW WORKPLACE THINKINGDELIVERS RESULTSIt will impact how much space you need which will:save money; help make business case toconsolidate multiple sites; and change the viabilityof renovate and stay optionsIt will futureproof your decision; enabling you tobetter manage your real estate costs whilstaccommodating a changing organisation with avolatile headcountIt will help you select a building with the rightfloorplate: the right size and shape to maximiseflexibility, efficiency and connectivity – maximisingthe value of your investmentIt will help you select a building that providescommunity, amenity and well-being that meets theexpectations of an ever demanding workforce12MAJOR CITIES IN APAC75WORKPLACE EXPERTSREAL ESTATE DELIVERY PROCESSGRID MOBY CO-CREATION CBRE360+ POWERFUL TOOLSBOSS SPACEROPERATECreate the operationalplatform and real timeoccupancy managementsystems to achieve theintended cost, flexibility,performance benefitsand sustainable change+ WORKPLACE THINKING


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