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2 floors consolidated into a single floor by adopting a high performance workplacestrategy halved occupation costs and re-energised the organisational culture.Size: 38,000 sqft reduced to 18,000 sqft Capacity: From 228 to 286 employeesAGRIBUSINESS IN SGCBRE built a multi-disciplinary team that incorporated Brokers, Workplace Strategists and ProjectManagers to work with this client to explore multiple stay and go options and a variety ofcontemporary workplace solutions. Once a decision was made to stay and consolidate CBRE builta delivery team to ensure the design solution was right; the project delivered on time and onbudget; and that the new workplace process and behaviours were clearly communicated andembraced by staff & leadership.• Lowered total occupancy cost 54% over five years (US$6.7M) – reducedarea AND increased headcount capacity• Client was able to stay and refurbish at existing, preferred location• Swing space provided within existing lease by implementing desk sharing• Activity based workplace selected as preferred high-performanceworkplace solution• Fully integrated with client’s cultural change program• New workplace and behaviours well adopted by staff and leadersCASE STUDY1. TO MOVE OR NOT TO MOVE?– Pressured to reduce Real Estate cost– Believed that they could not afford currentlocation – but liked it– Assumed no other choice but to move to acheaper less desirable location2. WHAT WORKPLACE SOLUTION?– No global guidelines/policy existed for newtypes of workplace – unchartered territorySKILLS BROUGHT TO THE TABLE– Brokers– Transaction Management– Workplace Strategy– Project ManagementCBRE WORKPLACE THINKINGPROBLEM DEFINITIONCLIENT APPROACHES CBRE’SBROKERAGE TEAM FOR HELPCBRE BROKERAGE TEAM SUGGESTSWORKPLACE STRATEGY INPUTPROJECT DELIVERYCBRE’S PROJECT MANAGEMENT &WORKPLACE DELIVER SUCCESSFULLYEXECUTIONCBRE TAKES ANINTEGRATED APPROACHCBRE STUDIES WORKPLACEPATTERNS & APPETITE FOR CHANGEINTEGRATED DELIVERY– Design co-creation workshop as a precursor todesign/build tender– Full PJM Services– Full Workplace & Change Management Services– Works included temporary consolidation to the floorbeing exited to refurbish floor that was retained– Swing space avoided by early application of desksharing in existing space.WORKPLACE STRATEGY– Leadership buy-in– Identified that ABW was a workable solution dueto highly mobile workforce within office andaround region– Strong business drivers in addition to cost savingwould provide motivation for sustainable change– Worked with brokers to develop a variety ofstay/go optionsFINALISE NEGOTIATION– Brokerage teamleverages marketknowledge to drive adeal with landlord at alower cost per sqft– New lease executedClient was able to stay in the same preferred location, reduce cost,achieve cultural change and drive measurable business benefitsSTRATEGYSAVINGS$6.7MDISCLAIMER – numbers have been modified slightly to protect client confidentiality• Total $6.70m savingsachieved over 5 years• 48% reduction in floor area• +36% flexible space fordynamic headcount growth• Organizational shift toActivity Based Workplacethat has drivenorganisational change.10XVALUE TO FEEKEY STATSMEASURABLE OUTCOMESOther savings $0.78 m


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