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Workplace strategy1) Help‘companies to rethink the waythey build theoffice,from CUBICLES to places that aan generates more effectivenessbased on thepurpose of the department .H Facebook ✓70% collaboratingf office 50% Marketing Corporates are end users 50%indi , notthe✓ones [email protected] who→theynot are effectively convincing?used or doing →g3/ business with .41 1014mi → 74mn→ Sarina can gets to Millions of $ over 100 or ooo years .51 More effective employees + More attractiveto the target talents .41 Strategy 🙁 cheap yet effectiveness ofemployees 9 .explain concepts, showcase –☒ conferences WOMM to get • moretrade people .Ieven social media.51 Howto make their real estate more effective and attractppl back to the office .until this bit61 % remoter work > % office . v±↳phonebooths / collaborative workplace/rooms→ NEWE8TP#DUcTsThf Rec•MIda④71 We work anywhere so how will you create the best workplace-/ conform configure office Wfomltom toplace abetter . product”J WEWORK . lveontingena8/ CARE is not PIONEER,DJW is .gf Rate of growth : start from 3 -4pplnow bout 25ppl inthe departmtover 100 professional .to Take of a new space→ expand a design it .µ Design → Change management → Change their mindsets.TWorkplace Transformation .121 Does it involve 3rdparty to involve in the process , often partner with design companyforthedesign team of the company ? or withthe nextdepartment Clearingteam → give them aholistic solutions → gain trusts)→ Partnership can be internal/ external .13 Anything in physical constructions→ ProjectMng mt141 Direct Marketing -1 Referral . thanks→151 Lots of referrals internally and externally .NEVER come to a pitch totheseguys theyunprepared . 1¢ Global research body Couperbig) ↳Global lineteam willrelyalot owrdaenships onlhis →”→Hѵ¥¥%Iy÷ ↳+Greenfield→toBESTfindsimilarprojects you’vedoneto shower convincethemNew companiesthey HAVENOT YET STUDIED .14 Host App manages occupancies , manage bookings ofmeeting (ESPECIALLY during Covid restricted,communicate through it( business to employeesor CARE to business) .→ Pay the maintenance fee(annually) : causetheir someoneto manage mostcommunicationor customer servicesforthemEarlyiftheysign up for) .181 Often the marketing team will showcase the app to businesses to191 Shouldyou redesign to cutofftheproperties and buildcollaborative pacesso that whenemployees go backto . work you canfit them all in ?llrshoddyouwait and forget that corn eoer exist ?Leaf BORDERLess WORKPLACE ? → Newest projectIt/ Qualitative Research .whole holistic22L Good at Math ✗ Psychology GIRLS ! Her:#Apptheshowcase24 •h⇒%¥a•[email protected]/aspiratons/9Ygp?:Qgrtab1he feed↳[email protected]☒workplace”” www.g,→ÑñghtplachangemanagemtTeatrppl I how touseshowingtheirthigfeebkrCamontts -2years )251 Try to convince them to further “global ” REDESIGN ?261 Try to pass to other department271 ” They never leave our SPHERE of services ” .281 50% : Industry AVENGE 56%: This is what we cando foryou→ or refers from others . → or PRcampaigns .→or Website : key contact persons291 Headof workplace of a bank can be tar head of othercompany inthe future → endless clientcycle .301 Maintain a Tamera Darwyne .very big ERM database .34 Referral feel Personal Referral Program ) for GREENFIELD .↳ Commission for old clients .331 Retat/ Corporate , Industrials →maintain daily communicator→ better reputationlinkedin.IEpersonality DIRECTselling ,to THE RIGHTPEOPLE) .341 BusinessRdatonshp⇒ getright I people to rightppl .✓continue to P


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