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ICON College of Technology and ManagementGlobal Economies and International Markets: Business and Management Research, Reflective Diaries – Week 9 Activities PlannerWk1StepsDescriptionExample Activity TypesTool that will support this activity1Introduction(Informinglearners oftheobjective)Introduction of the concept of researchObjectives: By the end of the session students should be able to:Explore the characteristics of a good research topicUnderstand how to generate and refine a research topic ideaDevelop and write a research proposalStudents identify a potentialresearch topic and bring themto the sessionTopics covered during the past weeks areposted in the forum to help student developresearch topics2Lecturesand deliverymethodSession 9: Choosing a research topicCharacteristics of a good research topicGenerating and refining research topic ideasDeveloping your research proposalWriting your research proposalPresentation, video on “TipsFor Choosing a GoodResearch Topic”Kaltura – My Media url to video.Lecture material on ICON VLE3ActivityIn Breakout rooms, studentsDescribe factors to be considered in choosing a research topicEvaluate group member’s research topicsGroup reports and comments from other groupsGroup reports of summariesof the factors to be consideredin choosing a research topicBreakout Rooms in Kaltura4ReflectionandFeedbackSummaries of group discussions are shared with the entre class.Students are encouraged to submit their topics into the FormativeFeedback FolderStudents are divided intogroups in breakout room toshare their summaries of theimportance of environmentalfactors on an organisation oftheir choiceICON VLE and Kaltura5Consolidation andIntegrationStudents share their summaries of the factors to be considered inchoosing a research topic. These summaries are uploaded ontothe ICON VLEFeedback; Reflective journal –students keep a record ofsummaries of the factors to beconsidered in choosing aresearch topicKaltura and ICON VLE ICTM Module Delivery Team


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