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ICON College of Technology and ManagementGlobal Economies and International Markets Weekly PlannerWk 1StepsDescriptionExample Activity TypesTool that will suport this activity1Introduction(Informinglearners of theobjective)Introduction of the concept of globalisation and how it has impacted lives today.Objetives: Recognise the process of globalisationExplain the drivers of globalisationDescribe the barriers to globalisationIdentify and evaluate the benefits and cost of globalisationRead Levitt’s article on Globalisation andon the ICON VLE and summarise hisarguments in the Forum created for yourgroupICON VLE: Theodore Levitt (1983),The Globalisation of Markets.Published by Harvard BusinessReview. Also available at: anddeliverymethodSession 1: Globalisation (global marketing contrasted with international marketing; Key driversof globalisatio; Key influences on the global marketing effort): Instructor-led with Q&A forstudents engagementPresentation, video on “Globalization atthe crossroads”Kaltura – My Media url to video.Lecture material on ICON VLE3ActivityGroup work on conducting a PESTEL analysis of a country of their choice, and for anorganisation of their choiceGroup reports of PESTEL analyses oftheir chosen countriesBreakout Rooms in Kaltura4Reflection andFeedbackIndividuals summarise the importance of environmental factors, which is part of their individualportfolioFeedback; Reflective journal – studentskeep a record of the results of theanalyses for the portfolio developmentICON VLE and Kaltura5Consolidationand IntegrationStudents share their summaries of the importance of environmental factors. These summariesare uploaded onto the ICON VLEStudents are divided into groups inbreakout room to share their summaries ofthe importance of environmental factorson an organisation of their choiceKaltura and ICON VLE


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