Internal Marketing across Cultures | My Assignment Tutor InternalMarketing across CulturesSeminar week InternalMarketing across CulturesSeminar week 3 Agenda• Student feedback on seminar activity week 2• Group exercise on Cross-cultural analysis approaches – in context• Discussion on CW1 progress to date and key support documents• Seminar task/homework week InternalLast week’s homework – feedback in class1. From Doole and Lowe Chapter 3 read about “the components of culture.”2. Using your chosen home and destination countries/cultures, try to identify two keydifferences between them for each of these components (see above).3. Feedback via a prepared PowerPoint slide for next InternalWork in study groups where students have made similarcountry/culture selections, applying one of the cross-country analysismodels introduced in the lecture (one per group).• Hall and Hall (1987)• Hofstede (1984,1994)• Wills et al (1991)• Trompenaars (1997)• Lewis (1992)Present back to the class:• overview of the one CCA approach that you used (if possible alsocompare it against another model; e.g. Hofstede vs Trompenaars;Hall & Hall vs Wills)• using your chosen CCA approach – a brief outline of the keydifferentials identified when applied to your selected countriesGroup exercise 1 (30 minutes work) InternalSee Course Resources/Study Materials/Journal Articles:• Wu 2006• Orr-Hauser 2008• Minkov 2017• Eringa et al 2015• El-Azez 2010• Literature ReviewDocuments to support you on CW1See Course Resources/Study Materials/Assignment Documentation:• CW1 rubric/marking scheme• CW1 “fit to submit.”• Assignment Internal• Begin/continue working on CW1 (the mini-literature review)• By now you should have familiarised yourself with the classic Cross-culturalanalysis (CCA) techniques and be progressing with your critical evaluation(task 1)• You should now also be beginning to compare and contrast the different CCAapproaches – what key differences are apparent (task 2)?• Apart from the journal articles provided, what sources have you researchedand how are they influencing your work?• Be ready to discuss your work next weekHomework for next week


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