Student feedback on seminar activity | My Assignment Tutor InternalMarketing across CulturesSeminar week InternalMarketing across CulturesSeminar week 2 Agenda• Student feedback on seminar activity week 1• Cross-Cultural Communication – video• Cross-Cultural Communication – Ted Talk by Pellegrino Riccardi• Seminar task/homework week InternalMarketing across Cultures – seminar activity 1Your homework for feedback today was:1. Research a product/organisation from a country of your choice.2. Research a destination country for your product/organisation.3. Prepare (for next week’s seminar) a (2 SLIDES MAX) a PowerPoint forfeedback in class – why you made the choices you did, why you think itcould work, etc.4. Time to Feedback to the class5. Has the product/organisation and the home/host countries becomeyour definite choice for the assignment? InternalMarketing across Cultures – seminar activity 2Watch the video, consider the following questions, and feedback in classVideo: Cross –Cultural Communication1. What was the primary difference in communication styles between Terry, onthe one hand, and Carlos and Miguel on the other?2. What did Carlos and Miguel fail to understand about Terry’s communicationstyle?3. What did she not understand about their communication style?4. What could Carlos and Miguel have done differently to avoid thecommunication problems with Terry?5. What were Terry’s mistakes with Miguel?6. What was the result?7. What could she have done to better understand what Miguel was really saying?This video first surfaced around 15 years ago. Do you think thesecultural communication issues are still relevant today? InternalMarketing across Cultures – seminar activity 2Look at this more current example discussing thecomplexities of communication across cultures….Cross –Cultural Communication InternalA Cultural Framework (Terpstra, Foley and Sarathy, 2012)culturereligionvaluesattitudeseducationsocialorganisationstechnology &material culturelaw & InternalMarketing across Cultures – seminar activity/homework week 21. From Doole and Lowe Chapter 3 read about “the components ofculture.”2. Using your chosen home and destination countries/cultures, try toidentify two key differences between them for each of thesecomponents (see above).3. Feedback via a prepared PowerPoint slide for next week.Any questions?


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