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Guideline for students and supervisorsSchool of Business Ethics Application Form for Research ProjectsAll students need to fill this section:Title of projectStudent Number Student NameYour Email AddressName of supervisorShort description of research topic and research questions (200 – 350 words)Please outline the background for your study, identifying the need for the research and the researchquestions to be answered through this research.Does your research project involve collecting data from human participants?Yes NoIf No, please go directly to section 5.If Yes, fill all sections below.Section 1: Participants1. What is the target profile of the research participants? (i.e. age, gender, etc.)2. Will your study involve vulnerable populations (e.g. children, people with learningdisabilities)?If YES, please clearly describe the participant group and make sure this application issent to the Department Ethics Lead3. How will participants be recruited? (e.g. social media, street interviews, etc.)4. How will consent be sought from participants?In this section students need to clearly mentionwhether their research is based on primary orsecondary data.If their research is based on primary data fromhuman participants, they need to fill in the wholeform. If it’s based on secondary data, they directlygo to section 5.Example of an answer to this question can be: Adultsabove 18. If a specific gender is not under question,students don’t need to specify it.In this section the answercan also be through emailor personal networks.If the data collection is interviews, the students need tosend a consent form to participants and have it signed. Ifthe data collection is done through survey, it can beembedded into the survey.Section 2: Research Methods and Procedure5. Describe the approach and design of your study (200 words)Click here to enter text.Section 3: Data Collection and Analysis6. Describe the data collection method (e.g. surveys, interviews etc.)7. How will the data be stored? (e.g. in a password protected source, etc.)8. Are there any potential risks to participants and/or the researcher?Yes NoIf YES, please indicate the type of risk:Identification of participantsDeceiving participantsInvading participants’ privacyOtherPlease state how you will minimise risks to yourself and/or participants.Click here to enter text.9. How will your data analysis ensure the anonymity and privacy of the participants?Click here to enter text.Section 4: Final Check ListPlease read through the form ensuring that all relevant sections have been completed beforesubmitting, and check the following boxes indicating that you have attached the relevantadditional supporting materials. Checklist Attached N/AConsent Form(s) ☐ ☐Sample questionnaire(s) ☐ ☐Interview guide ☐ ☐ In this section the students need to describehow they will collect their data (interviews,surveys, etc.) The questionnaire and interviewguide should be attached to the application forreview.If the students have checked any of these boxes, theyneed to describe how they can minimise the potentialrisks to the participants.Example: The names of participants will be changed toavoid them being identified.Practices such as changing the reportedcharacteristics of participants (such asgender or occupation) can be used by toconceal identities and thereby maintainthe confidentiality of the data provided byparticipants.Please, remember that students MUST attach a copy ofthe questions (or topics if they are going to use semistructured or unstructured interviews) that are going tobe submitted to the interviewees.Section 5: Confirmation and signatureI confirm that I will carry out the research in the manner described and if any changes arelater deemed necessary, I will discuss these with my supervisor.Name and Signature ______________________Date _____________________When you have completed the form please submit it along with the participantconsent form and other supporting documents, on the ……………….. website.


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