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ICON College of Technology and ManagementWk2 Steps Description Example Activity Types Tool that will suport this activity1Introduction(Informinglearners of theobjective)The Global EconomyObjectives: Understand how to measure the size of the global economyRecognise the importance of economic growthIdentify current trends in the changing world economyDescribe the growing importance of international tradeRead the article Firms in internationaltrade and discuss “the implications fortrade policy of new developments inheterogeneous firm trade theory” in yourgroups in the ICON VLE ForumICON VLE Forum: Firms in international trade anddeliverymethodSession 2: Globalisation Size of global economy, International trade): Instructor-led with Q&A forstudents engagementPresentation, Quiz on the “GlobalEconomy: How Much Do You Know?”Kaltura – My Media url to the quizLecture material on ICON VLE3 Activity Group work on the challenges of international tradeVideo on importance of international trade;Group discussion on the challenges ofinternational tradeKaltura-My Media url to video; Breakout Rooms in Kaltura4 Reflection andFeedbackIndividuals summarise the challenges of international trade, which is part of their individualportfolioFeedback; Reflective journal – studentskeep a record of the challenges ofinternational trade for the portfoliodevelopmentICON VLE and Kaltura5 Consolidationand IntegrationStudents share their summaries of the challenges of international trade. These summaries areuploaded onto the ICON VLEStudents are divided into breakout room toshare their summaries of the importanceof environmental factors on anorganisation of their choiceKaltura and ICON VLEGlobal Economies and International Markets Weekly Planner


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