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Date: 25/11/19Time: 10-1Duration:3hoursSite: WembleyRoom No: 305Tutor: RahimaNo. of students: 22Cohort: April 18Week No: 1 Topic/Session title: understanding changeLearning outcome: Evaluate the influences that drivers of change have on organisation behaviourHow is this session linked to the assessment?This session is linked to LO2 which will focus on models that will allow an organization to be effective and efficient in the change processWhere will the students engage in practical and active learning? Group and pair activities TimeActivity DescriptionTeacher ActivityStudent ActivityResources needed10-10.20StarterExplain tasksStudents to research open systems theoryPen and paper10.20-10.30DiscussionManage the discussionDiscuss what they have found10.30-11.00DeliveryOpen systems theoryMake notesPPT11.00-11.20ActivityFacilitateStudents to apply model to debenhamshandout11.30Break11.45DiscussFacilitateExplain how their chosen organisation would apply modelPen and paper12.00-12.30DeliveryContinuous improvement models and change managementPPT12.30-1.00ActivityFacilitateHow would an organisation of their choice apply continuous improvement models to manage and plan for changePen and paper


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