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2500 word individual report• It’s the EBTH Related one and you need to see the assessment 1 for the completion, Itsrelatable one and here we need to use Agile method and use DSDM approach• Pay attention to the product definition in your A1. You will need to choose one of the deliverables(products) for your A2.• Agile for assessment 2: once Agile is introduced, you can then consider which deliverable you wouldlike to use for your A2AGILE APPROACH◦ Referring to the case study and your own assessment 1 and then choose ONE specific projectdeliverable of your choice to complete the 4 tasks: ◦For A2, your submission should address the 4 tasks. You should explain the deliverable you will be usingfor A2 in the beginning of your A2.• Decide which product/deliverable you will be using for A2 based on your own A1. Hint:• looking into the product definition section of your A1 ◦ Literature review (references required) onagile principles, and then apply them to the deliverable for your A2.• Hint: you might want to choose a deliverable suitable for agile (based on the fit with agile principles)for A2.Summary for task-1: ( need to have these contents all in all) after completing task 1 my task need tohave all these:• PROVIDE A CLEAR REVIEW OF THE AGILE METHODOLOGY (SUPPORTED BY LITERATURE REVIEW).• DISCUSS THE AGILE PRONCIPLES OF YOUR SELECTED METHODOLOGY2500 word individual report• COMPLETE THE APPROPRIATE PROJECT QUESTIONNAIRE• Finally, produce a small conclusion for task 1 HINT: Justify why the specific EBTH product should becompleted apting the selected methodology.TASK- 2• Based on the same deliverable/product you use for A2 task 1, identify the roles and responsibilities(based on the agile method of your choice, and it should be supported by literature), and then allocateand justify who will take on those roles.• Use the people (with names) in the case study, and introduce new people only if none of the people incase study is suitable. Avoid only providing generic information. For example, you identified the role ofproduct owner, you will then need to identify an existing person from the case study to be the productowner and explain why that person is suitable.TASK 2 IN SUMMARY ( need to have these contents all in all) after completing task 2 my task need tohave all these:• PROVIDE AN OVERVIEW ABOUT THE ALLOCATION OF ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES WITHSUPPORTING EVIDENCE FROM THE LITTERATURE REVIEW.• IDENTIFY ROLES AND RESPONSIBILIES FROM THE EBTH CASE STUDY.• CREATE AND JUSTIFY THE PROJECT TEAM (TABLE OR DIAGRAM) BASED ON YOUR WORK.HINT: We have 9 roles in the DSDM application2500 word individual reportTask 3:• Create the list of requirements (features) in a table format including MoSCoW prioritisation andestimates. Produce user stories (or a backlog) with acceptance criteria included.• ◦ Identify at least 10 requirements (both functional and non-functional), explaining why they arechosen,• ◦ And then assess their priorities (using MoSCoW): use a table/diagram to present yourrequirements• AS EXAMPLE: Use a table like this:2500 word individual reportBased on 2 of your requirements, ideally from ‘Must Have’ category, produce 2 user stories(including minimum 2 acceptance criteria for each user story)TASK 3 IN SUMMARY ( need to have these contents all in all) after completing task 3 my taskneed to have all these:• Have you created your high-level requirements (Features)? Have you demonstrated thereason for chosen these features? HINT: What is a feature or a requirement in Agile, why isimportant, how can we maintain quality?• Have you created the list of requirements (features) in a table format including MoSCoWprioritisation and estimates? Have you provided appropriate discussion in the context ofrelevant literature? Have you demonstrated the reason for this prioritisation?• Have you produced valid user stories (or a backlog) with acceptance criteria included?TASK-4: DELIVERY PLAN AND TIMEBOXES:Describe how the project manager will develop a delivery plan including:• Timeboxes and describe the first timebox in detail for DSDM2500 word individual report• present your first increment with minimum 3 timeboxes and what they are for, and thendevelop the detail of your first timebox (either DSDM structured or free format). For example,what will happen in kick- off, investigation, refinement, consolidation, and close -out?2500 word individual reportREFERENCING:HARVARD STYLE:Words in the table, appendix, references, diagrams are not count.


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