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WORK INTEGRATED LEARNINGCompany:Xpand Foundation. 42 Regent Street, Oakleigh VictoriaRepresentatives:Andrew Mahar AMDate:23/6/2020PROJECT BRIEFTreeO2, Blockchain & Social MediaWithOneSeed community forestry program is the first social enterprise acting on climatechange through community lead forestry in Timor-Leste. It is dedicated to improving theresilience of subsistence communities to make environments sustainable, to end povertyand hunger, to deliver open education and to create regional partnerships.It’s about environmental justice, social justice and economic justice and supports 10 ofthe 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. WithOneSeed also embraces the UniversalDeclaration of Human Rights. Both of these international standards provide a frameworkfor our work.Our long-term vision is to develop social enterprise models that can contribute to buildingvillage-based economies using environmental practices that are viable and supportsustainable living. Putting an earned dollar in a person’s pocket empowers them to makedecisions for their own future. It is beyond charity and aid.The program has four commitments to:> make environments sustainable> end poverty and hunger> increase education and training> build regional partnerships.Our approach is simple in its theory and application. We’re planting trees and plantingideas. Our innovation comes from the annual incentive payments made to subsistencefarmers who maintain the trees, paid from the sale of carbon credits into the internationalcarbon market. If a subsistence farmer has to choose between planting a cash crop orplanting trees that may take 20 years to provide a financial return, the choice is obvious.However, if we can make a cash crop from trees that sequester carbon, the equation isquite different.WORK INTEGRATED LEARNINGThe development of the TreeO2 smartphone app has introduced greater efficiency intothe management of the new forests. TreeO2 enables the tracking of every tree by plantingdate, location, ownership and growth rates. Each tree has a unique ID through the use ofRFID nails. Managed through an online dashboard a new level of transparency,accountability and confidence in the community forestry model has been established.Company informationThe xpand Foundation is a social enterprise committed to an inclusive society that valuesthe meaningful livelihood and happiness of every individual.The xpand Foundation creates and supports locally controlled enterprises that encouragesocial inclusion of disadvantaged people to build their social and economic participationin a society committed to a green future.Our approach to sustainable development is to use social enterprise to deliver broadbased economic growth creating employment and income earning opportunities for lowincome women and men leading to a lasting reduction in poverty. The focus is very muchon the generation of ‘common wealth’ rather than ‘individual wealth’. The model of socialenterprise were individuals are paid for their contribution to the whole, but no individualwill benefit above others simply through enterprise or business ownership.Company Vision / mission statementMissionThe xpand Foundation is committed to an inclusive society through the promotion ofhealth and well-being and empowering communities by putting an ‘earned dollar’ in aperson’s pocket to move beyond charity and aid to value the viable livelihood andhappiness of every individual.Objectives• Ending poverty and hunger and supporting sustainable living and lifelong learning• Promoting decent work, education and economic growth• Acting to combat climate change, manage forests and reverse land degradation• Encouraging global partnerships for international development through localcontrol of social enterprise.• Empowering women and children, (particularly girls), by increasing family income,facilitating children’s education and creating family job prospects.Values• We work to create meaningful employment, build the economic capacity of themost disadvantaged in the community, including women, the elderly, the poor,the unemployed and those displaced to take control of their own lives.• We recognise the importance of human rights, and we work towards an inclusivecivil and democratic society.WORK INTEGRATED LEARNING• We treat all people as equal, with dignity and respect and without the threat ofracial, sexual or physical abuse.• We practice sustainable use of the worlds natural resources and replenish whatwe take, where we can.• We promote innovation and the exploration of ideas.Human rights• We recognise the importance of human rights, and understand that rights haveassociated responsibilities shared by people who espouse an inclusive civil anddemocratic society.Ethics• We each have the right to be told the truth, to be treated with dignity and to beaccorded respect for our human integrity.• We all have the responsibility to behave morally and to contribute to social values.Integrity• We each have the right to be treated as a whole, valued individual.• We all have the responsibility to treat others equitably without the threat ofracial, sexual or physical abuse, irrespective of income, ability or status.Sustainability• We each have the right to material sustenance and physical wellbeing.• We all have the responsibility to practice sustainable use of the world’s naturalresources.Inclusion• We each have the right of access to community services including onlineinformation services, without discrimination on the grounds of income, ability orlocation.• We all have the responsibility to be inclusive and encourage access to informationand ideas including to online information services.Empowerment• We each have the right to education and skills development to enable fullcommunity participation.• We all have the responsibility to ensure that those most disadvantaged in thecommunity, including women, the elderly, the poor, the unemployed and thosewith disabilities are empowered to take control of their lives.Innovation• We each have the right of access to the latest ideas relevant to our lives.• We all have the responsibility to promote innovation and the exploration of ideasin order to encourage happy and effective livesWORK INTEGRATED LEARNINGTargetTreeO2 is a new community forestry management platform to manage smallholder treeand carbon farming. Using a smartphone and RFID technology it is a complete forestinventory management tool. It introduces a new level of accountability, transparencyand efficiency into smallholder tree and carbon farming.The TreeO2 platform is being implemented in xpand Foundation’s WithOneSeedprogram in Baguia Timor-Leste. There is good interest internationally in the TreeO2platform and we are keen to promote the benefits to both community tree farmers,international carbon project developers, international carbon certification bodies andpotential carbon offset purchasers.There are two documents attached that provide detail on the TreeO2 platform.ScopeThere are two areas of work that need to be addressed.TreeO2 platform finance modelIn order to attract further investment into the TreeO2 platform there is a need to beable to show the potential return not only on the initial investment but on the globaladoption of the platform for smallholder community forestry programs. This returnwould be both financial and environmental.The financial return should identify the return to investors and the return to subsistencecarbon farmers.There are a couple of models that have been identified and these need some robustanalysis.Carbon farming global social marketing strategyXpand Foundation has been involved in international carbon markets for the past fiveyears with reasonable success. However, if we are to scale significantly we need amarketing strategy that will enable us to have global reach to attract a bigger share ofthose companies interested in carbon offsets with co benefits.We need to position our products to take advantage of the post Covid 19 economicrecovery focused on a new green future.WORK INTEGRATED LEARNINGLimitationsWhile I understand the notion of limitations I don’t think in terms of limitations. It islimiting in my view to do so.We don’t have much money and our operations run very lean.RisksWe have a risk document that I am happy to share with the group.BudgetNilKPIs or other metricsA financial model that will enable potential investors to the clearly understand thereturn both financial and environmental that TreeO2 can deliver.A clear global social media strategy to enable the sale of carbon offsets and trees tosustain both the building of a carbon sink in Timor-Leste and viability of the TreeO2community forestry platform


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