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University of South Australia Course. Branding MARK 3015 Brand. BMW First Report. Applying brand principles to build mental availability of a brand BMW Name. Jaliron Kogoya ID. 110186677 Table of Contents Part one: Brand performance and their opportunity for growth 3 The background of brand 3 Key competitors in Australia Market 3 Current Challenges to the growth of the brand 4 Mental availability of the brand 4 PART TWO: BRAND AUDIT 5 The brand messaging and execution 5 Build minds of buyers 5 Potential distinctive assets 6 Uniqueness of Das 7 PART THREE: RECOMMENDATIONS 7 Conclusion 8 Appendix (1) current operating 10 Appendix (2). Global market shares 11 Appendix (3) Brand reviews 12 1. BMW Products 12 2. Honda 13 3. Nisan 13 4. Mercedes-Benz 14 Appendix (4) uses media for campaigns 14 Part one: Brand performance and their opportunity for growth The background of brand BMW was founded in Bavaria, Germany in 1916. The original name of this brand was Bayerische Motoren Werke AG or refers to Bavarian Motor Works BMW (Rohringer 2018). BMW is known German based automobile manufacturing specializes itself on producing world-class luxurious vehicles towards a long journey. The brands of BMW include BMW cars and SUV’s, Mini Cooper, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motored. The BMW is shareholders between Stefan Quandt owned (29%), Susanne Klatten (21%), and public investors 50% (Rus 2019).  Currently, BMW Group produces their cars in over 30 countries and sells it to over 140 different countries across the globe (BMWGROUP 2019) as shown in the appendix (1). The markets share in China with 33.5%, in the United States with market share of 13.2 %, in Germany with market share of 12.3 %, in the UK market share of 7% and others included Australia market share of 28.6% (Wagner 2021) as shows in appendix (2). The current COE of BMW group in BMW Australia Limited Company is Wolfgang Buechel replaced by Vikram Pawah (Zachariah 2020).  Key competitors in Australia Market The BMW competitors in the Australian automobile industries are included Honda and Nissan Motors cars and Mercedes-Benz describes in the table (1) below. BMW groupHonda MotorMercedes-BenzNissan motorIt develops premium cars and sell them as well. Manufacture spare parts of cars as wellHonda Produces luxury brand that is designed for comfort.Mercedes-Benz is one of the best premium car manufacturing company that produces commercial vehicles as well globally.It manufactures and sells vehicles with different automotive parts. They make the products designed for comfort and reliability. (Source : Shimul et al. 2019, p. 675) Current Challenges to the growth of the brand  In recent times, an automobile industry is facing several challenges in term of growing its brand in the Australian market. One of the key challenges for BMW in the Australian automobile industry is the level of competitions offers similar products and price. Such as the Mercedes-Benz brand in Australia sales up to 31,985 or over 8000 ahead of BMW that was struggling for BMW market for two years running (Wallis 2020).  The other challenge is posed by technological change, customers preferences and the impact of macroeconomic-environments such as fuel price: Establish a connection with shoppers – Due to the online shopping trend, BWM sales of cars are also affected in a huge amount. Therefore, the managers of BMW group in Australia, especially need to think about how to build a connection with the customers so that they can improve their sales. Alternative fuel vehicles – nowadays people are shifting towards electric vehicles as it does not emit any harmful gases in nature. Nature is being polluted by the harmful emitted by the cars that are people preferred electric vehicles compare to commercial vehicles (Carlberg and Kjellberg, 2018, p. 65). Mental availability of the brand Mental availability refers to memory for determined the changes to happen like consumer noticing, recognizing, and thinking of the brand in a buying situation (Romaniuk, 2016, p.70). It’s an important part for the company to increase their sales, that needs to go through various stages. First of all, the brand needs to build their distinctive asset and get noticed after notice BWM can continuously do their work to reach out to their potential buyers. Second, after reaching the potential buyers BMW needs to refresh the memories linked with the effects in buying of the brand (Romaniuk, 2016, p.64). PART TWO: BRAND AUDIT BMW is now coming up with new ideas to grow sales of the brand. They have decided to gain target new audiences rather than driving enhanced loyalty. BMW has recently appointed quality engineers to produce more quality luxury vehicles that they have targeted the young generation which preferred modern looking for cars. On the other hand, HONDA mostly targeted the middle age group and the entire brand management is belief in affordability as well as reliability. Recently Honda introduces a different kind of practices that helps the HONDA brand to segmented brand value. On the other hand, Nissan is designed and focusing on products for giving comfort than any other things. While Mercedes-Benz is cleaned and good maintaining. The brand messaging and execution A brand makes its own identity which comprises several elements. Some of the major elements of enhancing the brand identity through managing the brand assets. The primary message is for BMW is a brand famous for producing hybrid engines. Second, they focused on delivering reliability as well as produce quality products from 2Series to 7series. Whereas, HONDA is a brand that mostly focuses on cost efficiency compared to any other things. Mercedes-Benz is focusing on safety and always ready to serve without required special operating skills. NISSAN is a brand that only worried about passenger’s comfort and always tries to provide distinctive services to their consumers (Arnould et al. 2019, p. 80). These brands identity such as colours, logos, quality and models are showing in appendix (3) which is clearly to build their own identity so easily to recognized and chose in buying situations. Build minds of buyers Nowadays every small and big car manufacturing company is using distinctive brand management skills as well as different techniques to do the distinctive analysis (Seizer, 2017, p. 15). The advertising of brands is important for the company to build the mindset of customers so that the brand managers of BMW need to find out what the competitors do. Managers needs use different marketing strategies and activity to reach customers, identify the category of buyer and associates’ brand in buyer’s memory that helps to make choices (UniSA 2021). The aims to build mental availability BMW uses different marketing activities to advertise their products such as TV, Radio, online magazine, YouTube, and other social media includes Facebook, Instagram’s, linked and using celebrity’s photos on their brands to gain new customers to fall into their brands. BMW and three other brands are using quite similar marketing activities campaigns that show in appendix (4). Potential distinctive assets Based on analysis for NISSAN, HONDA, and Mercedes-Benz are using similar distinctives assets in their brands with different colors, logos, slogan, engine specification and styles. The example of BMW DA’s shows below in table 2. Brand ElementsBMWLogoThey want to convey the strength and royalty of the brand. It represents a propeller that has endured ever since and its intellectual property.SloganSheer driving pleasure this is BMW’s cult slogan for all time. It means BMW is famous for proving comfort to its passengers.Engine specificationAs per the new government rules BMW is compiled with a BS6 engine that provides more power to the car.Styles WheelsRepresent its color and logoColorWhite and blue colors represent of the State of Bavaria in Germany, home of BMW. (Source : BRANDS et al. 2019, p. 65) Uniqueness of Das The distinctive analysis is mainly concerned with brand information and brand image so that buyers can identify easily. The distinctive elements of BMW in table 2 above shows their image of their assets aims to improve mental availability so that customers easily to notice, recognize and recall their brand over to others. Therefore, BMW is mainly focused on the development of the engine and make the input analysis serious. For the overall development of a brand, it recommends quite intensive research to increase market share. The marketing team of BMW needs to research the different marketing facts to build new marketing strategies (Keller, 2017, p. 179). PART THREE: RECOMMENDATIONS In the earlier parts, this has been properly explained that the mental availability of a brand can be defined by five different elements Continuously reach potential costumers Distinctiveness AssetsConsistent notice ConsistenceRefresh brand linked memories  By providing consistency BMW can improve their mental availability. To achieve consistency BMW required to do something need that would concur with the brand’s image. For the automobile industry, BMW should communicate with their customers daily so that customers can also appreciate their brand presence and make up their minds to buy something from them. On the other hand, BMW needs to maintain their authenticity in their products so that customers would engage themselves with the brand it automatically increases BMW sales. After considering all the facts it can be surely assumed that BMW is a brand that only follows particular marketing aspects to understand the flow of overall marketing.  BMW group need to research which brands are more sales so that they advertise them more on different media platforms to reach potential buyers. For instance, Motorrad motorcycles sales continue to grow than other brands (Press 2019) therefore they have to advertise more of this brand.  Nowadays its important demographics analysis in term of genders, age, income levels are significant considerations to meet the needs and wants of buyers. Demographics research also helps the company easily identify what brands to produce and for whom to produce. In the Australian cars market, BWM needs to reduce the prices of its products to sustain the market. In this way, they can fight with other competitive brands such as Honda and Nissan. Due to all these reasons, the BMW marketing head decided to work on some specific agenda in the Australian cars market. Such as, improve the qual­ity of their vehicle and customer satisfaction with its services (Rus 2018) as well as reduce the price of products and increased advertisements, social media that is that are the opportunities to increase their sales.  Conclusion This report explains how to grow the mental availability of the brand. BMW is a renowned brand that needs to knows the rivals of the competitors in the markets, brands communications and their weaknesses, then works through on its to improve sales. All these points are firmly explained in the first part. Furthermore, the researcher formulates a brand audit in the second part of the report. BMW at this point needs to bring in cost-effective solutions to find long term sustainability due to quality and reliability are no longer the defining factors to success. References Arnould, E., Press, M., Salminen, E. and Tillotson, J.S., 2019. Consumer culture theory: Development, critique, application and prospects. Foundations and Trends in Marketing, 12(2), pp.80-166. BMWGROUP 2021, The BMW Group a Global Company, BMWGROUP, viewed 16 April 2021, <>. Brands, B. and Kingwill, K., 2019. A STUDY OF THE ROLE OF HERITAGE IN BRAND AFFINITY OF SOUTH AFRICAN MILLENNIALS FOR ICONIC SOUTH AFRICAN. Carlberg, O. and Kjellberg, O., 2018. Branding in the automotive industry: The role of product experience in the buying process of the premium segment in Sweden. Jenni, R 2016, Building mental availability, How brands grow: part 2 ch. 4, pp. 62-86, Unisa Library, Autralia, Viewed 20 April 2021, . Keller, K.L., 2017. Managing the growth tradeoff: Challenges and opportunities in luxury branding. In Advances in luxury brand management (pp. 179-198). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham. Mike, C 2021, ‘January 2021 Australian new vehicle sales (VFACTS)’, CarExpert, viewed 22 April 2021,. PressClub 2019, ‘BMW Group increases sales and market share’, Article, 14 May, viewed 21 April2021,<>. Robbie, W 2020, ‘BMW expects to continue growth in 2020’, GoAuto, 25 February, viewed 21 April 2021,<>. Rus, T 2019, ‘WHO OWNS THE BMW COMPANY?’, Topspeed, 20 December, viewed 22 April 2021,. Shimul, A.S., Phau, I. and Lwin, M., 2019. Conceptualising luxury brand attachment: scale development and validation. Journal of Brand Management, 26(6), pp.675-690. Seizer, F.L., 2017. THE INFLUENCE OF LINE EXTENSION STRATEGIES BY PREMIUM BRANDS ON BRAND EQUITY: CULTURAL DIFFERENCES Tobias, R 2018, ‘BMW Group operates in the market Australia. Strategic plan report’, Grin, viewed 22 April 2021, . University of South Australia (Unisa) 2021, Mental availability, Branding MARK 3015, University of South Australia, viewed 12 April 2021,. Wagner 2021, ‘key automobile markets of BMW group’, Statista, 22 March, viewed 21 April 2021,. Wijnands, F. and Gill, T., 2020. ‘You’re not perfect, but you’re still my favourite.’Brand affective congruence as a new determinant of self-brand congruence. Journal of Marketing Management, 36(11-12), pp.1076-1103. Zachariah, B 2020’ ‘BMW Australia announces Wolfgang Buechel as new CEO’, caradvice, viewed 20 April 2021,. Appendices Appendix (1) current operating Appendix (2). Global market shares Australia Appendix (3) Brand reviews BMW Products Honda Nisan Mercedes-Benz Appendix (4) uses media for campaigns


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