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Copywriting Exercise I Web Copy Creating Convincing Text MoGi Group is a service provider to over 1,000 games industry creators, developers and publishers worldwide. We provide a wide range of gaming services that form a holistic, one-stop-shop service roster for companies in the gaming industry looking to take the stress out of the development cycle. Write an optimised, informative, B2B thought leadership style blog post about one or more of our comprehensive gaming services and how they may be of benefit to a AAA games developer releasing a new game within the next year. You may need to perform independent research on the nature of our services through our website or online. Please include relevant site backlinks and a call to action. Meta Title (60 chars) : Meta Description (160 chars) : Keywords : Body text (300/500 words): Write a PPC Google Ad to help promote this piece. Headline (30 characters) : Description line 1 (35 characters) : Description line 2 (35 characters) : Copywriting Exercise II Social Copy B2B Community Outreach Using your understanding of the differences within each platform (the differences in audience, and the reasons/ways potential viewers consume media on them) write a post promoting any one of our gaming services for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Posts should not exceed platform character limits. Feel free to include pictures, links, or any other creative materials you feel will help strengthen your message. The target is primarily B2B, however it should also have an open appeal to make content attractive to a general audience too. LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: Copywriting Exercise III Ad Copy Brainstorming, Style and Creativity At MoGi Group we are always trying to grow and improve on our advertising and marketing copy. We are open to constructive and critical feedback at every stage of the process. Examine the below example of a full-page print advert and provide suggestions for new ad copy along with what changes you would make to improve the effectiveness and impact of the overall piece. New Copy: Open Suggestions: Proofreading Exercise Strong linguistic skills, technical knowledge, and the ability to process text both quickly and accurately are vital traits when working on both native marketing assets and other urgent text materials. Read the text below and reproduce it removing all errors. Proofed Text:


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