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Assessment 3 CPCCBC4007A 1TAFE NSW – WSI – Feb 2018CPCCBC4007A: Assessment 3What you have to doRefer to Project 3 to answer the following questions.Question1. Prepare a site establishment plan for the site documented in Project 3. Your plan canbe ruled or sketched but must be to a suitable scale. The components shown on theplan must include: Security Access Signage Environmental considerations Site accommodation – assume a maximum of 30 people on site on any givenday ServicesNote: there is a contour plan of the site at the end of this assignment which you willneed for the preparation of your site establishment plan.2. Your building organisation is a small to medium sized company specialising incommercial projects in the range $2 million to $5 million. The company typically has 6projects underway at any time and is made up of the following personnel: Construction manager Construction supervisors (2) Site managers (6) Estimator (1) Cadet estimator (1) Contracts/material supply officer Office managerPrepare an organisational chart for your company.2 Assessment 3 CPCCBC4007ATAFE NSW – WSI – Feb 20183. Your building company is the successful tenderer on Project 3. You have beenadvised to expect to sign contracts in the near future and to advise a commencementdate for construction. Given the design of the project and the early need for structuralsteel on the site and the fact that you are unable to let a sub-contract until the HeadContract is in place, you are hesitant to advise a date without some carefulconsideration and planning. The process for securing the steel on site for erection is:Supply order↓Workshop plans (3 weeks)↓Approval of plans (1 week)↓Fabrication (6 weeks)↓Inspection of steel prior to delivery (1 week)↓Delivery↓ErectionThe onsite activities while the steel is being prepared are:Site establishment (1 week)↓Bulk excavation (1 week)↓Bore and pour piers (1 week)↓Detailed excavation of pads and ground beams (1 week)↓Pour and cure pads and ground beamsAssessment 3 CPCCBC4007A 3TAFE NSW – WSI – Feb 2018↓Structural steel arrive on siteNominal activity durations have been shown.Calculate the commencement date for the project in weeks, from the signing of theHead Contract, assuming start date on site is delayed to suit steel fabrication delay.Provide a paragraph justifying the delay to the client.4. For the factory unit development detailed in Project 3, you are required to produce aconstruction schedule/plan in the following format:a. A Gantt chart (bar chart)Your initial planning must include the following: List of tasks Duration of each task Start and end datesShow the critical path for the project and the shortest construction time in weeks.5. Following the pouring of the footing beams, concrete testing reveals the concretefalls short of the design strength by 5MPa. Work on the site is suspended until coresamples are taken from the footings and further testing confirms compliance with thespecified strength.Unfortunately though, you have lost 4 weeks progress from the construction plan,and you are unable to claim an extension of time for this under the contract terms.Revise the construction plan to reflect the 4 weeks on construction time lost andmake adjustments to the plan outlining how you intend to increase production tomeet the contracted date of practical completion.ChecklistI have: Completed ALL questions of this assignment Included my name, student number, unit number, assignment number Reviewed and spell checked my document Saved a copy of the assignment on my own computer.4 LA018102 Assessment 3 CPCCBC4007A Ed 3© New South Wales Technical and Further Education Commission, 2014 (TAFE NSW – WSI), Archive version 1, May 2014


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