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TBUS610 eCommerce S1 2021 Assessment: Group E-Commerce Plan – Report and Presentation Total Marks: 35% – Report (25%) and Presentation (10%) Due Date:        Monday 7 June 2021 by 11.55pm. (in Week 11) Submission type:  Report: Submit via Turnitin. Report 2,500 words maximum +/- 10%, excluding appendices and references. Presentation. Submit via Turnitin. 10 minutes per group. Max. of 10 slides– Present “live” on Zoom. Task Overview:   This assignment requires your group to apply the learning from Weeks 1-10 in the development of an e-Commerce plan for an existing organisation. You may work on an organisation of your choice, but you must ensure that you have access to the information required to develop an e-Commerce Plan. Please consult with your Lecturer about the appropriateness of this choice. Your submission will be in two parts – a 2,500 Plan (worth 20%) and a group presentation (10% and a max. 10 minutes per group). Marking criteria: Refer to the Marking Rubric in Moodle. Preparation/Instructions: A. Getting started Students will form groups of 4 or 5. Student’s that have not formed a group will be allocated a group by the Lecturer. The group selects an organisation to develop an eCommerce Plan. B. Report Content: Note that the focus is on the development and implementation of the eCommerce Plan – it is not a review of an organisation’s e-commerce capabilities. E-Commerce Report Structure: Table of Contents Introduction – explain what your plan is all aboutBackground – provide a brief summary of the new / improved eBusiness initiative / the product or service / the organisation.AnalysisIndustry, Market (buyers) and competitor (2 or 3)Positioning, Value Proposition, Key Segments.E-Business Model: current and what is being proposedAction Plans and RecommendationsTechnology infrastructure: eg, Hardware / Software / SaaSSecurity / Payments systems  / Customer Service / LogisticsDigital Marketing / Websites / Mobile / Social Media / SEM – SEOConclusionReferences (use either APA / Harvard Referencing method)Appendix Other / Administration. Use examples (and images) to help explain your plan. Don’t describe things – apply the concepts. •   The plan is to be 1.5 spaced (a standard 12-point font should be used). •   Students are expected to maintain an appropriate standard in writing their plan. It should be checked for spelling, consistency and clarity of expression. Late submissions. As per TOP policy in the Unit Outline.


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