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Final Report: Growing a Brand In this section you can download a PDF of the tasks and suggestion for word counts and structure of the report. Please download the word document to use as a template. It also contains a rubric of what is required for different grades for each criteria assessed. Please show that you have incorporated feedback from your first report on How to Grow the Mental Availability for the same brand used as your focus for the second report. You will have the opportunity to build on skills and knowledge used for the first report and show how you have improved your ability to critique sources and apply concepts to the new brand allocated. Overview: This assignment builds on Course Objectives and draws on the knowledge you have gained on how brands grow and requires evidence-based recommendations post COVID to grow the brand. All students to continue with their critique on the brand allocated for individual assessment purposes. Length: 2250 words, plus a minimum of 15 references and 15 brand examples (i.e. minimum of five new marketing examples for your brand added in addition to those relevant to be re-used from the first report, if 10 examples shown for competitors). There is no ‘magic number’ of articles or references to use but any claims you make require sources to strengthen your argument. The 15 brand examples can be a combination of your brand, the two competitors you choose to compare and split pre, during and post COVID-19. With the brands and sectors chosen for being active marketers, it should be very easy to have at least 15 examples of campaigns or activities by brands. Please the submission template and add headings, because this will provide clarity in the assignment. Marking Criteria for Assignment 1. Ability to source, evaluate and integrate relevant and appropriate information sources. 2. Ability to analyse a brand and identify concepts related to brand management. 3. Creativity and completeness in developing suitable recommendations (addresses all task elements and represents original contribution) 4. Application of relevant course knowledge to develop strategies for long-term growth of the brand. 5. Ability to develop a logical argument and present it in a way that the audience is persuaded it’s the best solution. 6. Presents ideas succinctly (efficiently) and professionally – style that is audience-appropriate; correct language choices; use of Harvard referencing. Links to help understand academic and industry views on COVID You will again critique different sources of information and consider implications for the brand. An example of data on the topic that is being shared includes data collected and interpreted by Kantar that offers insights into attitudes and behaviour – look globally but apply to the context of your brand in Australia: COVID-19 Barometer Toluna, Harris interactive and KuRun data have drawn on their combined consumer panels share global insights: Insights and Trends These are articles that appeared earlier in 2020, there are many articles being written that are relevant to the topic, read and cite those that are most relevant to your brand/sector and critique rather than accept on face value what they suggest brands need to do. Facebook aggregates international data (for countries it is used) to produce a map showing degree of symptoms of COVID globally. Others may require registration for access, do please check to see if this is free or ask if there is access for educational purposes via our library rather than trying to access via internet browsers. As well as keeping an eye out for relevant information, when you have submitted your first report you can repeat the process of finding information via the library databases. IBIS World and Euromonitor (Passport GMID) reports can be helpful as well as the other sources available from the Marketing Guide in the library. For example, Industry publications such as Marketing Week accessed for free via the library could be writing about your sector and brands may give insights into how marketing strategies and tactics have changed. Whilst we are not looking at GSK brands, this article gives examples of how marketing plans can change to respond to COVID-19. Industry review of COVID-19 ads Here is an AdNews link that discusses how similar many COVID-19 ads were generally: This is a compilation of US ads, but the Australian ones airing are very similar in messaging, so worth including if your brand or competitors have aired ads to ensure you critique against what we know is important to grow brands. The following link also might be helpful as has global listing of Ads you can search by category and country: The Australian Made Campaign released their market research report by Horizon Consumer Science that surveyed international consumers that includes details of consumer behaviour during COVID-19. Building MA Feedback and Final Report GuidancePage Please review the first video for general feedback on your first report and guidance on the final report for Branding. The second video is an example of a student’s report in full reviewed by the Course Coordinator with tips on how to improve your grade for the final report. I wish to thank the students who have agreed to provide examples of how they approached the first assignment. As many wished to remain anonymous I have not listed any names in this resource, but know that everyone will benefit from your willingness to share your work for feedback purposes.


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