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Individual Assignment Individual Assessment (35%) comprising of individual report (25%) and individual presentation (10%) Purpose: The purpose of this assessment is to: Assess student’s understanding of the supply chain process from the beginning to the marketplace. Description: Students will select a product, usually available on market shelfs. Student will go behind the product and track the journey of the whole product from farm to fork or from raw material to our homes. During studying the journey, students will apply all the concepts learnt throughout the course and will understand the logistics and supply chain strategies adopted by the company which produces and supplies the product. Students will focus specially on procurement, inventory management, warehousing, supply chain and environmental supply chain aspects of the product. Students will submit a report on the journey of the product and also make presentation in the class. Assessment length 1200 – 1500 words (excluding references) Presentation of 10 minutes with 10 minutes of Q&A Criteria to grade quality: Criteria of the grading will be Projects and Reports Rubric (for 25%) and Presentation Rubric (10%) designed by Top Education. Q1 Briefly describe the business operations of the organisation of the product assigned to you (any product or business).  Please research about the company on its official website and online library resources such as EBSCO database – accessed via Top’s library web page. Q2.Please describe the supply chain of the organisation using a diagram showing the suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and customers. Q3. What information flows across the supply chain in this organisation? Q4.Describe the types of supply chain, inventory management, and logistics strategies the organisation uses. Q5.As an Operations Manager what improvements can you suggest to make the supply chain to be more competitive?


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