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ITEC 630Information Systems Analysis, Modeling, and DesignIndividual Project AssignmentPurposeThe purpose of the individual system analysis and design project is to demonstrate student’s ability toapply the knowledge learned in this course to a real-world project.Topics Suggestions1. The system analysis and design project must be realistic and it will be done using techniques coveredin this course. The list of topics suggested for this project is as follows:a) Ticket purchase system (airline, train, cruise, concert, or others)b) Internet shopping sites (clothing, shoes, books, music, or others)c) Local real estate agency systemd) Rental system (car, movie streaming service, or others)e) Warehouse management systemf) Student record systemg) Banking systemh) Insurance purchase system (life, medical, homeowner, or others)i) Credit card management systemj) Library circulation system2. The above list is meant to be suggestive and if you have an idea about a specific topic, please consultwith me early to determine if it is suitable for the course.3. You have to select and submit the project topic for instructor’s approval by the end of Week 2.Project DeliverablesThe project requires students to perform three phases: (a) requirements analysis, (b) system and databasedesign, and (c) a project plan. Note that in the phase 3, students are required to use the MS Projectsoftware for their project schedule.The deadline for the Individual Project can be found in the schedule section of the class syllabus.The following layout format covering a title page and all three phases is recommended for the project.Title page (project name, author, and date)Phase 1: Requirement analysisA. Problem definitionB. IssuesC. ObjectivesD. RequirementsE. ConstraintsF. Description of the proposed systemG. Logical model design1. Data flow diagrams• Context diagram• Diagram 0o Diagram 1 (Diagram 1 is optional)• Descriptions of processes in each diagram2. Descriptions of outputs/inputs/performance/security or controlsH. Specific requirements, if any (interface, operational, resource, performance, etc.)Phase 2: System and database designA. User interfaceDesign an overall user interface consisting of screens, commands, controls, and features toenable users to use the system.1. How data will be input to the system?• The physical layout for each input• The input design and procedures2. How data will be output from the system?• The physical layout for each output• The output design and proceduresB. Data designDevelop a plan for data organization, storage, updating, and retrieval.1. Database design• Database tables with their attributes should be presented• Primary key(s) should be identified in each table, if any• Three steps of normalization should be included.2. Entity-relationship diagrams3. Data file storage and accessC. System architectureDetermine the architecture of the system as Web-based interface, client/server architecture,Internet/Intranet interface, network configuration, etc.Phase 3: Project planA list of tasks or activities needed for implementing the proposed systemEstimating completion time and costsA project schedule for performing those activities (Gantt charts or PERT charts)Note that there is no other required software package except the MS Project software in this ITEC-630course. As a result, you are only required to use the MS Project software to handle the scheduling part ofthe project and for other parts, you can use any word editing software or any drawing tools software.Individual Project RubricThe individual project will account for 25% of your total points possible and students should use theAPA format for the format of the individual project reports. The following rubric will be used whengrading your individual project: Qualities and CriteriaPoor [0-80)Good [80-90)Excellent [90-100]Format/Layout▪ Presentation of the text andstructuring of text in anorganized and thoughtfulmanner▪ Follows phasesrequirements(Weight 20%)Follows poorly therequirements related toformat and layout.Follows for the most part allthe requirements related toformat and layout. Somerequirements are notfollowed.Closely follows all therequirements related toformat and layout.Content/Information▪ All phases of the project areaddressed and contents ineach phase are adequate▪ The project proposal istechnically sound andrealistic▪ The project is done usingtechniques covered in thiscourse▪ MS Project software is usedin the project plan▪ The project design can beimplemented in reality▪ Activities and informationare constructed in a logicalpattern among phases tosupport the solution(Weight 70%)The project does not coverall phases and it is not donefor the most part withtechniques discussed in thiscourse. The requiredsoftware is used poorly inthe project plan. The projectproposal is hardly realisticand the tasks proposed cannot be done easily in reality.Activities and informationamong phases are badlydesigned and do not supportthe solution.The project covers allphases with adequatecontents in each phase forthe most part and it is donewith some techniquesdiscussed in this course.The required software isused in the project plan forthe most part. The projectproposal is relativelyrealistic and some proposedtasks can be done in reality.Activities and informationamong phases for the mostpart are designed to supportthe solution.The project covers allphases with adequatecontents and it is done withtechniques discussed in thiscourse. The requiredsoftware is used in theproject plan. The projectproposal is realistic and thetasks proposed can be donein reality. Activities andinformation among phasesare designed to support thesolution.Quality of Writing▪ Clarity of sentences andparagraphs▪ No errors and spelling,grammar and use ofEnglish▪ Organization and coherenceof ideas▪ APA style compliance(Weight 10%)The project is not wellwritten, and contains manyspelling errors, and/orgrammar errors and/or useof English errors. Theproject is badly organized,lacks clarity and/or does notpresent ideas in a coherentway and it is somehow APAstyle compliance.The project is well writtenfor the most part, withoutspelling, grammar or use ofEnglish errors. The projectis for the most part wellorganized, clear andpresents ideas in a coherentway and it is somehow APAstyle compliance.The project is well writtenfrom start to finish, withoutspelling, grammar or use ofEnglish errors. The projectis well organized, clear andpresents ideas in a coherentway and it is completelyAPA style compliance. * Some parts of this rubric are extracted from Dr. Stella Porto’s posting for ITEC-610.


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