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Invigilated ExamCriteriaRatingsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeKnowledge and Understanding Knowledge and understanding of:-The functions performed by HR Managers-Major approaches to HRMThe challenges facing HR Managers concerning ethics, governance and sustainaibility1. Developing (Fail) – Limited to reproduction of required concepts and knowledge – Cannot discuss concepts in their own words 2. Functional (Pass) – Rote learning and knowledge but can reproduce accurately required facts and definitions – Has adequate breadth but limited depth of understanding 3. Proficient (Credit) – Exhibits breadth and depth of understanding of key concepts – Can use terminology accurately – Is able to express ideas in their own words 4. Advanced (Distinction or above) – Exhibits accurate and elaborated breadth and depth of understanding of key conceptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAnalysis Analysis of:-Different approaches to HRM-A deep appreciation of how HRM operates in different organisations including the emphasis on ethics, corporate governance and sustainability1. Developing (Fail) – Personal and anecdotal – Does not demonstrate the application of concepts 2. Functional (Pass) – Limited use of theoretical frameworks – Limited capacity to identify complex factors – Limited capacity to work with the documents supplied 3. Proficient (Credit) – Analysis is sophisticated and appropriately uses concepts and theories – Demonstrates that they understand any materials that have been supplied and can work effectively with them 4. Advanced (Distinction or above) – Exhibits accurate and elaborated breadth and depth of understanding of key concepts – Uses materials supplied to value add to their answersThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeUse of Discipline Specific Ideas Use of discipline specific ideas:Use of discipline specific ideas in terms of:– the ability to explain HRM concepts– Understanding theory and practice linkages1. Developing (Fail) – Does not demonstrate knowledge of discipline specific concepts and ideas – Imprecise langue or poor structure 2. Functional (Pass) – Demonstrates basic discipline ideas and concepts – Can correctly develop discipline specific artifacts 3. Proficient (Credit) – Demonstrates knowledge of several discipline specific concepts and ideas and how they work together – Can correctly and clearly develop discipline specific artifacts 4. Advanced (Distinction or above) – Demonstrates detailed understanding of discipline specific concepts and ideas, how they work together and their potential limitations – Can develop comprehensive and superior discipline specific artifactsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeComprehension and Writing Skills Comprehension and writing skills in terms of:– Ability to comprehend questions and what is being asked of the student– Ability to present information is written form, spelling, grammar, length and clarity of writing1. Developing (Fail) – Fails to demonstrate an understanding of what is expected in understanding questions or presentation of answers 2. Functional (Pass) – For the most part answers the set questions – Adheres to most basic expectations regarding the formatting and presentation of work 3. Proficient (Credit) – Mostly interprets and answers questions correctly – Adheres to all expectations and conventions with regards to spelling, grammar and structure 4. Advanced (Distinction or above) – Interprets questions correctly and answers are clear, well presented and grammatically correct – Any academic sources are correctly cited and references


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