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ITNE2003Install, Configure, Operate and TroubleshootMedium-Size NetworksAssignmentApril 2021 ITNE2003 AssignmentCopyright © 2015-2021 VIT, All Rights Reserved. 2 Assignment TypeIndividual AssignmentWeek Issued8Total Marks100Weightage20%Submission DeadlineWeek 12 (23-May-2021) via MoodleSubmission filesOnly one submission per studentTwo files need to be submitted on Moodle:1. Cisco Packet Tracer file2. Report in MS Word containing screenshots and briefexplanationPenaltiesPenalties for late submission and plagiarism inaccordance with VIT guidelinesThe purpose of the assessment is to test students on their ability to create,configure and troubleshoot medium-size networks ITNE2003 AssignmentCopyright © 2015-2021 VIT, All Rights Reserved. 3ObjectivesThis assessment item relates to the unit learning outcomes as in the unit descriptors. It checks yourunderstanding about configuring and troubleshooting medium-size networks.In this assignment you will demonstrate your knowledge and skills in subnetting an IP address space,configuring RIPv2 and OSPF routing protocols as well as NAT.Remember that all your screenshots should include your student ID as the hostname of router (e.g.Melbourne3-S1234).This assignment carries 20% weightage of the total mark. The due date is 23rd of May.The following video tutorials can help you refresh your knowledge on IP subnetting, static routing anddynamic routing:Subnetting:••• Routing:•• Routing:••• RIPv2 and OSPF:••• AssignmentCopyright © 2015-2021 VIT, All Rights Reserved. 4PART-1 (20 marks)IP AddressingSubnet the following IP network: 10.XY.0.0/16 (XY is the last two digits of your Student ID) toaccommodate 5 subnets, each subnet will subsequently have 400, 260, 100, 35 and 20 hosts. For eachsubnet find the subnet mask, network ID, broadcast IP and valid host range and complete the below table:Note: You need to add the handwritten solution of this question to your report.(5*4 = 20 marks) Subnet MaskNetwork IDBroadcast IPValid RangeSubnet 1Subnet 2Subnet 3Subnet 4Subnet 5 ITNE2003 AssignmentCopyright © 2015-2021 VIT, All Rights Reserved. 5PART-2 (30 marks)Based on the given topology, complete the following tasks in packet tracer and provide the screenshotsof your configuration in your report.1. Using class C IP addressing, design IP plan for the above network (6 marks)2. Configure IP address for the PC and server (2 marks)3. Configure static routing for the network (5 marks)4. Configure RIPv2 for the network (6 marks)5. Show the routing table of each router (3 marks)6. Show the network connectivity pinging from PC0 to Server0 (2 marks)7. Using an IP access list, block the traffic going from PC0 to Server0 and provide the screenshots offailed pings from PC0 to Server0. (6 marks)ITNE2003 AssignmentCopyright © 2015-2021 VIT, All Rights Reserved. 6PART-3 (50 marks)You’ve been hired by a company as a Network Engineer to implement the network shown in the diagrambelow:The company has been allocated the following IPv4 address block to use: 172.16.XY.0/23 (XY is the lasttwo digits of your student ID).To perform the task, you have to prepare the following documents:a. IPv4 addressing plan (10 marks) DeviceInterfaceIP AddressSubnet MaskDefault GatewayWestFa0/0S0/0/0S0/0/1S0/1/0 ITNE2003 AssignmentCopyright © 2015-2021 VIT, All Rights Reserved. 7 EastFa0/0S0/0/0S0/0/1S0/1/0Branch 1Fa0/0S0/0/0S0/0/1Branch 2Fa0/0S0/0/0S0/0/1Branch 3Fa0/0S0/0/0S0/0/1Branch 4Fa0/0S0/0/0S0/0/1PC1NICPC2NICPC3NICPC4NICPC5NICPC6NICPC7NIC b. What would be the command to add a default static route for your entire network design fromthe HQ router to the ISP router? (5 marks)c. What would be the command to add a default static route on the West router to send traffic forall unknown destinations to the HQ router? (5 marks)a. The Branch 4 router requires a static route for traffic destined for Branch 3. All other traffic shouldbe sent to the East router using a default static route. What commands would be used toaccomplish this? (5 marks)b. Configure OSPF in the given topology and provide the screenshots of the OSPF configuration,routing table of each router and the result of connectivity between following PCs: (15 marks)• PC1 and PC2• PC3 and PC4• PC5 and PC7c. Configure NAT on router HQ to translate the local network addresses to a public IP address usedin HQ-ISP network. (10 marks)


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