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LGH602 Assessment 3 Group Report Hotel Leadership Plan Due Week 10/11 Page 1 of 9Task SummaryThis assessment provides an opportunity for you to develop and explore your understanding about,and readiness for, leadership as it applies in a global hospitality environment.Although leadership theory will be used as a base for this leadership plan, the emphasis will be aboutproviding practical leadership solutions for a variety of stakeholders, including guests, staff, suppliers,and the owners/hotel management company. Leadership aspects such as communication, ethics,sustainability, and cultural diversity should be carefully considered, and a goal approach should beutilised.Developing and presenting the written report in a simulated scenario to a hotel executive teamillustrates leadership capabilities and practical insights to hotel management and leadership.Please refer to the Task Instructions for details on how to complete this task. ASSESSMENT 3 BRIEFSubject Code and TitleLGH602 Leadership for Global HospitalityAssessmentHotel Leadership PlanIndividual/GroupGroupLengthPart A: 2,500 words (+/- 10%)Part B: Simulated Meeting (20 minutes)Learning OutcomesThis assessment addresses the following Subject Learning Outcomes:a) Provide a comprehensive explanation of the role of leadership in thecontext of the global hospitality sector.d) Create capacity for embarking on leadership roles throughundertaking personal reflection and development and involvement inindustry simulations.SubmissionPart A: Due by 11:55pm AEST/AEDT/ACST/ACDT Sunday of Week 10.Part B: Simulated Meeting will be scheduled during tutorial sessiontimes in Week 11.WeightingPart A: 30%Part B: 20%Total Marks100 marks LGH602 Assessment 3 Group Report Hotel Leadership Plan Due Week 10/11 Page 2 of 9ContextPart A:This is a group submission, so all members of the group are responsible for the final submission andall group members will receive the same overall submission feedback and grade (exclusive of peerevaluation). Therefore, you are required to work together as a leadership team, as would happen in ahotel or hospitality environment.The suggested approach is for all group members to contribute to the overall submission rather thandivide it into individual sections, although each ‘department manager’ will be responsible for theirown department and be overseen by the general manager who has the final responsibility.Part B:All group members will be required to simulate a presentation of their report to their CEO and HotelExecutive Team. The presentation will take 20 minutes and can be captured on a PowerPointPresentation (maximum 5 slides). This presentation will take the form of an Introduction, Backgroundon the issue, the Leadership Actions to be undertaken and the Recommendations for implementation.This follows the format of the Written Report in Part A.This is a shared responsibility, and it is expected that each team member can demonstrate theircapabilities as leaders of their departments. Students should also be prepared for an additional 5-minute interactive Question & Answer session with the Executive Team. This simulated meeting willbe assessed on their ability to demonstrate confidence and aptitude in their understanding of thelearning outcomes of the unit.After your Presentation where each student will have spoken, you will be asked three questions. Eachstudent must take responsibility to answer these questions: What leadership skills did you utilize as you worked together as a team? What team skills did you learn as you prepared this assessment? What was the highlight of working together as a group?Task InstructionsIn small groups of up to 4 students, you are required to prepare a 2,500-word leadership plan toprovide leadership in a global hospitality situation.This is a simulation, therefore students are to assume the roles of the executive team of a hotel orhospitality enterprise of your choice (pending approval by your Learning Facilitator). Your group willconsist of department heads, chosen according to the situation you select, one of which must be aleader (general manager). As such, the leadership approaches must be considered from a multidepartment perspective.To prepare your leadership plan, you should identify one (1) crisis, ethical or issues-based situation ina hospitality environment, preferably a current or recent one (occurred in the past 5 years). You mayeven predict a future situation based on hotel trends.LGH602 Assessment 3 Group Report Hotel Leadership Plan Due Week 10/11 Page 3 of 9Examples of crisis, ethical and issues-based situations in the current hospitality environment include(but you are not restricted to these):• Medical pandemic (for example, SARS, MERS, COVID-19, food poisoning, etc.);• Terrorism and/or political unrest;• Natural disaster (for example, cyclone/hurricane, flood, bushfire, etc.);• Scandal or bad publicity;• Sustainability (for example, food waste, amenities, general waste, etc.);• Labour and workforce issues (for example, salaries, benefits, working conditions, etc.);• Transformation (for example, a major refurbishment including temporary closure, like RafflesHotel in Singapore; or significant new changes, like major new technology systems orprocesses, etc.);• New owners and/or new hotel brand.The group needs to identify, evaluate, and analyse the key issues, and then write a leadership planacross the hotel (including an overall hotel and individual department plans) for your chosensituation, using a goal approach, with a focus on leadership actions. Leadership actions may includeleadership aspects of planning and decision making such as communication, ethics, sustainability,and cultural diversity (but is not limited to these).Part A – Written PlanYour submission should include, in this order:Torrens Assessment Group Cover SheetTable of ContentsIntroduction – Outlining the aims and purpose of the study: what the topic of the report is and brieflydiscussing what the reader will learn from reading the report.1. Summary of the situation (what, who, where)2. Key issues relating to the situation (eg. impact on different departments). Hint: consider variousaspects including governance, legal, financial, human resources, operations, ethical, etc.)3. Leadership approach (theoretical and practical)4. Solutions (consider various stakeholders)Conclusion – A summary of the key points that have been made in the body of the reportReference ListAppendix – The 3-month leadership plan (table format with goals)LGH602 Assessment 3 Group Report Hotel Leadership Plan Due Week 10/11 Page 4 of 9Part B – Simulated MeetingYour submission should include:The written report developed in Part A is to be summarised and prepared as a presentation to begiven to the senior executive team of the hotel. Each team member will take on a part of thispresentation. The GM will lead the team. It is suggested that the GM presents the Introductionand then each of the team members take one part.1. Introduction2. Background summary3. Actions to be undertaken4. Recommendations for implementation5. ConclusionThis presentation will take no longer than 20 minutes. It is a shared responsibility, and it is expectedthat each team member can demonstrate their capabilities as leaders of their departments. Studentsshould also be prepared for an additional 5-minute interactive Question & Answer session with theExecutive Team (Learning Facilitator). This simulated meeting will be assessed on their ability todemonstrate confidence and aptitude in their understanding of the learning outcomes of the unit.Writing hints:• Ensure your research is referenced effectively and correctly (see below);• Write in the context of the global hospitality industry;• Make sure that you understand the topic and focus on the topic – do not drift into irrelevantor unnecessary content. If you do not understand the topic, ask your Learning Facilitator;• Follow a standard report format (see below);• The submission will be assessed according to the quality and depth of thought, relevance andhow effectively you have applied the subject material and theories to the case study, ratherthan testing how much you can remember and how theoretically correct it is. Refer to themarking criteria (see rubrics and the end of this document) before submitting and conduct aself-evaluation;• Stay within the maximum word count of 2,500 words +/- 10% (excluding the Table ofContents, Reference List and Appendices) for Part A and within 5 PPTX slides and 20 minutesfor Part B.Layout and Presentation:Layout and Presentation of your document is as important as your content. Your assessment isdesigned to demonstrate your understanding of a certain topic, so it is important to ensure that thelayout does not compromise this.LGH602 Assessment 3 Group Report Hotel Leadership Plan Due Week 10/11 Page 5 of 9The format is Report not essay – and this forms part of your grading. Therefore, students arediscouraged from writing lengthy verbose sentences displayed in long chunky paragraphs. Ratherstudents are encouraged to follow the suggested table of contents and apply additional formattingmechanisms, (in addition to those outlined in the Torrens/BMIHMS Page Formatting Guide) whichreduce wordiness and increase the readability of the content and that are consistent with reportwriting.ReferencingIt is essential that you use appropriate APA 7th edition style for citing and referencing research. Pleasesee more information on referencing here in the Academic Writing Guide found via the AcademicSkills website.Blogs, unauthorised biographies, promotional material and sensational content must be excludedfrom the case study report. Students must fully reference all sources of information with in-textcitations and a bibliography. A minimum of six (6) academic or recognised industry references arerequired.Torrens University Australia uses the APA referencing style, and all referencing (both in-textreferencing and the reference list) will be graded according to the APA Academic Writing Guide.Please note: formal academic referencing will be strictly enforced at Torrens University Australia andBlue Mountains International Hotel Management School and any suspected breaches will be formallyreported.Submission InstructionsThis is a group assessment (see page 2 for more details).To be submitted via Blackboard in a Word document – submissions sent by email directly to theLearning Facilitator will not be accepted for grading and returned to Student.Standard Torrens University Australia penalties will apply for late submissions, equivalent to 10% ofthe total assessment marks for each day the submission is late.Submit this task via the Assessment 3 link in the main navigation menu in LGH602 Hotel LeadershipPlan. The Learning Facilitator will provide feedback via the Grade Centre in the LMS portal. Feedbackcan be viewed in My Grades.Academic IntegrityAll students are responsible for ensuring that all work submitted is their own and is appropriatelyreferenced and academically written according the Academic Writing Guide. Students also need tohave read and be aware of Torrens University Australia Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure andsubsequent penalties for academic misconduct. These are viewable online.Students also must keep a copy of all submitted material and any assessment drafts.LGH602 Assessment 3 Group Report Hotel Leadership Plan Due Week 10/11 Page 6 of 9Group work and peer evaluation instructionsAt the beginning of a term/project: All students taking part in a group assessment should draw upand sign a group contract (see template). Learning Facilitators need not be involved at this stageapart from giving students general guidance.During a project: Students should keep records of communication and drafts. Any serious concernsabout individual group member’s contribution should be brought to the attention of the subjectLearning Facilitator as soon as they occur or at least two weeks before the due date, whichever isearlier.At the end of a project/assessment submission: When submitting their group assessments,students should scan and include their peer evaluation forms (one per student; see template) as partof their submission. This is required for ALL groups so that every student is given a chance toexercise their right to have a say and defend themselves if necessary.• Allegations must be substantiated by supporting evidence (e.g. records of communication anddrafts) and submitted to the subject Learning Facilitator by the assessment due date. Otherwise,they would be disregarded by the marker.• If no peer evaluation forms are submitted by the assessment due date, all group members wouldreceive 0% for the “individual contribution based on peer evaluation”.LGH602 Assessment 3 Brief Group Report Hotel Leadership Plan Due Week 10/11 Page 7 of 9Assessment Rubric Criteria (100% total)The outcomeshows:Fail = UnsatisfactoryperformancePass = Just SatisfactoryperformanceCredit = Good qualityshowing more thansatisfactory performanceDistinction = Superiorquality demonstratingindependent thinkingHigh Distinction =Outstanding qualityshowing creativity andoriginalityCommunicationand presentation(15%)Communication isunstructured andunfocused both inwritten word anddocument layout.Some communication iseffective. Acceptablestandard of academicwriting, some errors inwriting and layout ofdocument.Can communicateeffectively – good standardof academic writing andwell-crafted documentlayout.Can communicate in asuperior manner. Highstandard of academicwriting, no errors evident.High standard indocument layout.Can communication highquality, engaging andeffective manner,extremely well-crafteddocument layout.Attention to Purpose(20%)Fails to address theassessment task set.Some of the work isfocused on the aims andthemes of the assignment.Has addressed the mainpurpose of the assignmenthowever not in a conciseor coherently manner.Has addressed thepurpose of theassignment coherentlyconcisely and accurately.Has addressed thepurpose of the assignmentcomprehensively and in acoherent, concise, andaccurate manner.Originality(10%)No real attempt atoriginality.Originality is marginal tothe basic idea.Used imagination toproduce an idea withelements of originality.By taking a variety ofperspectives, presents anoriginal idea, which hasbeen evaluated.Uses creative and lateralthinking to develop andpresent original ideas.Critical Thinking andCritical Evaluation(20%)Does not exercisecritical thinkingSkills and/or does notapply critical evaluationmethods.Aware of some criticalthinking/critical evaluationtechniques and usesthem with limitedsuccess.A limited range of criticalthinking/critical evaluationtechniques applied withsome success.A clear range of criticalthinking/critical evaluationtechniques applied with agood degree of success.A clear range of criticalthinking/critical evaluationtechniques applied with ahigh degree success. LGH602 Assessment 3 Brief Group Report Hotel Leadership Plan Due Week 10/11 Page 8 of 9 Links to coursereadings andadditional research(15%)Incomplete research andlinks to any readings.Limited additionalresearch and documentedlinks to the coursematerial.Good additionalindependent researchevident and somedocumented links to thecourse material.Excellent research into theissues with clear links toclass and related readings.Research of outstandingquality, clear links to awide range of theoreticalideas and strategic issues.Contribution basedonPeer Evaluation(20%)Participates in few or nogroup meetings.Provides no leadership.Does little or no workassigned by the group;work is generally sloppyand incomplete,contains excessiveerrors, and is mostlylate.Participates in some groupmeetings. Provides someleadership. Does some ofthe work assigned by thegroup; work tends to bedisorderly, incomplete,inaccurate, and is usuallylate.Participates in most groupmeetings. Providesleadership when asked.Does most of the workassigned by the group;work is generallycomplete, meets therequirements of the task,and is mostly done ontime.Participates in all groupmeetings; does the workthat is assigned by thegroup; work is complete,well organized, error-free,and done on time or early.Assumedleadership role andattended all groupmeetings; routinelyoffered useful ideas;fulfilled allresponsibilities on time orearly; outstandingintellectual and materialcontribution; highlyproductive. LGH602 Assessment 3 Brief Group Report Hotel Leadership Plan Due Week 10/11 Page 9 of 9 The following Subject Learning Outcomes are addressed in this assessmentSLO a)Provide a comprehensive explanation of the role of leadership in the context of the global hospitality sector.SLO d)Create capacity for embarking on leadership roles through undertaking personal reflection and development and involvement in industrysimulations.


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