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Introduction Our company is a principal not-for-profit aged care agency. Originally established in 1985, it is one of largest providers of accommodation, care, and services to older population. We served over 6000 customers in 2019-2020 across 10 residential care facilities, two transition care sites, 15 retirement villages, and a comprehensive range of in-home services which include the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP), Home Care Packages, Short Term Restorative Care (STRC), Veterans Home Care (VHC) and Interim Hospital Packages (IHP). Our focus is on our customers and customer satisfaction is central to everything we do and how we do it and our customer wellbeing outcomes are research-based & measurable. Our aged care has simple structure with clear accountability, recognition, and reward for performance at all levels as well as Inspiring, dedicated & inclusive leadership which define our structure. We deliver services from basic domestic assistance as part of the home care offering, through to the provision of complex nursing and allied health services in high care residential facilities as well as supporting people living with dementia. Services include a significant focus on clients with complex clinical care needs and clients with behaviours of concern and psychological support needs associated with dementia and mental health conditions. Approaches We live in a country with increasing population and as the median age inclines in the next five years, age care services both in quality and quantity will have to increase as well. Today our company have about 20% of state market, we are in more than 65% of state regional area and major cities with more than 50,000 population. We have mora than 1500 staff in our facilities (More than average number in our state) based on 50,000 clients we served in 2021. Our company have 50 sites in the whole state which 16 of them located in state capital city. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics, the population of Australian over 60 years old will increase by 12% by 2026. ( And so their needs for higher quality age care services. Also, Statista predicts almost 0.5 years increase in median age in Australia between 2020 to 2030 which indicate how Australia is changing from a young country to a mid-age country. ( ) With all this in mind strategic plan group and CEO agreed on developing our road map to 2026, to do that we would need to plan on how we develop our strategic plan. In this regard strategic plan team consist of our CEO, our stakeholders and all key operational areas will focus in the following areas: What our customer think about us? (Improve our customer focus)How we recruit our future workforces. (Our shortfall, training programs, capabilities, etc)We will focus on our assets and IT infrastructure (Addressing our ageing assets)What is Australia and our state age demographic look like in the next 5 years. (Focus on new care models and our home care specifically)What’s the effect of government actions/supports in the next 5 years. In order to achieve the focus areas we will need to designate a process owner for the tasks which will follow up on the progress. In this process we will develop milestones to achieve our targets, we will reach out to customers, vendors and partners to understand their experience, needs, and demands. In parallel we will assess our workforce skills, deficits, gaps, and overlaps to determine if resources are optimized and if new skills are required to execute our goals, this then will be feed not training and capability matrix. Also we will evaluate technology preparedness for digital transformation and determine whether additional technology is needed to support work requirements. (Specifically post pandemic). There will be measurable KPI’s and target to meet. Some of these measurable variables are listed below: Number of customers served per year.Total number of employees.Occupancy ratio of our facility.Revenue trend over time in different sectors.Home care/residential care hours delivered.Staff turnover.Client feedback and satisfaction. The plan will be in place for the next 5 years with yearly reviews to update the progress and revise the plan if deemed necessary and measure the success in due time. For us quality of services we give, availability is remote areas, competitive costing scheme, budgetary packages for low income elderly, growth is market share from 20% to 30% in 5 years’ time, Safer workplace both for our customers and our personnel, revisit IT infrastructure by focusing towards more remote operation in sectors which are possible, (away from old school type of operation) can be part of our actions. We will Set up a regularly scheduled meeting with the employees and any other staff in your business who will be involved with strategic planning, each meeting will have clear agenda with clear expectations of what we want to accomplish in each meeting, we will also reach out to vendors, investors, analysts, and other people outside of our company to gather information Key variables and challenges In our 5-year look head there will be key variables and challenges in front of this some are listed below: Our home care business has grown as it was predicted by AIHW and GEN aged care data ((15% since 2010) ( and Challenges: An increasingly competitive market, (A number of new smaller players in the market in recent years, this will likely drive increased competitive intensity from less viable providers.)Financial strength & sustainability (We faced significant operation losses in recent years even with our attempt to reverse this trend, a continuous focus of profitability is required to support our growth)Policy & funding model changes (We are impacted by Covid 19 and significant changes in government policies)We are leaders in training staff, both for ourselves and for other service providers Challenges: Access to quality workforce (Recruitment and retaining is becoming a challenge includes finding trained people and providing a workplace they enjoy and motivate them to stay with us) Its predicted the required number of age care workforce will increase from around 80,000 in 2022 to 90,000 in 2026. Click to access research-paper-11-aged-care-reform-projecting-future-impacts.pdf We are well known for our dementia care capabilities. Dementia care is integrated into our mainstream aged care, as are most of our dementia clients, in recognition that many of our clients are on some part of the dementia spectrum. (Its estimated total number of people with dementia to increase from 400,000 in 2020 to 480,000 in 2026. Our care delivery is heavily supported by a range of technologies that support administration, customer monitoring, automated care delivery, lifting, etc. through technologies such as digital, IoT, wearable technology, robotic process automation and robotics. These technologies take workload from our care deliverers and allow them to focus more on engagement with their customers. Challenges: Alignment of our asset portfolio (Our assets are ageing, many of our assets requires renewal or upgrading, this requires a significant investment to meet modern care models and market demand)Our staff culture and a tangible sense of belonging to a community are our most valued and distinctive features. Whether living alone at home or in one of our residences, our customers and their families feel connected to each other and our community through our staff, our care delivery design and a range of supporting technologies and media. Challenges: Meeting changing customer needs (Our demographic is ageing; more people want to stay home and their families are seeking higher quality and more engagement) Vision and mission statement, outline your goals and objectives for the next 5 years Our Strategic statement We will invest in our processes and facilities to provide our customers with the best aged care available, whether in our homes or theirs we want to be one of the best in our industry. Our position of provider of choice will be built by excellent employees who have both the commitment and skills to provide exceptional care and a sense of community, supported by innovative service practices, technology and facilities that best meet our customers’ needs. Vision Our vision is intended to illustrate what our organisation will look like in the future. It takes into consideration the changing environment of aged care and an increasing need to focus on the consumer. It is meant to be aspirational, but achievable. It is also meant to unite our employees around a common goal. Our vision is: ‘To be the selected provider” Mission Our mission summarises the organisation’s passion and purpose and defines why we exist, or our reason for being present. Since our establishment, our mission has been to care for elderly population. We remain focused on providing excellent care for older people and updated our mission statement in 2021 to reflect this fact: ‘Providing quality care services and accommodation to older Australians’ Our key focuses Our plans are organised around our key focuses and our goals, which are the major areas we need to address to achieve our vision. These key focus areas represent the balanced nature of the strategy. None of these focus areas, in isolation, will be sufficient to achieve the vision and deliver on the mission. Outstanding people and culture Its all about doing our services right and this will be embedded throughout the organisation. This can only be achieved if our organisation has the most appropriate level of personnel. Therefore, existing and new employees will be equipped with the skills and capability to meet consumer needs through improved recruitment, induction and training processes, a leadership development program targeting current and future leaders and an employee value proposition that attracts and retains high calibre staff within the organisation. Maximise Efficiency Efficiency and effectiveness will be achieved through prioritising revenue and cost optimisation measures and saving targets, business transformation, technological advancements, innovations, continual improvements in procedures and practices and benchmarking with competitors. We will develop our roadmap for future growth and customer centric innovation opportunities. Excellence in governance Our business is providing clinical care to some of the most vulnerable members of our society and our licence to operate should never be at risk. We will continue to strengthen and embed an integrated model of risk management, compliance, and assurance across both clinical and corporate risks. Customer focused Our company’s vision is “to be the selected provider” As such, our aged care’s strategy is to be Customer Focusedin all it does. We will strive to meet our customers needs with compassion, enthusiasm, and a high level of expertise. We will ensure that each employee is empowered and trained to provide excellent, services. When communicating the strategy, the organisation’s customer focus will be symbolised by putting this Key Focus area at the centre. Other needs We will develop new services to meet a wider spectrum of customer needs with specific needs. Current research indicates that in excess of 50 per cent of residents in residential care have a diagnosis of dementia and the prevalence of dementia increases with age, with 30 per cent of people over the age of 85 having dementia. In response to this growing need for dementia care, we will undertake national and international research to define and develop a range of dementia care services for residential and home care. This will be supported by the recruitment, induction and training of staff to deliver quality dementia care to our consumers. Strategic Goals Grow Our Home Care Market Share We have materially grown our home care market share and are recognised as the leading provider of home care services in. We continue to invest home care market and will constantly monitor the quality of our services. Improve Our customer Focus Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. This is deeply embedded in our culture, our care delivery models, our facility design and our daily decision making. We involve our customers in the design of our services and facilities. Recruit and Retain a Quality workforce All people management activity is focussed on ensuring that our company has a workforce both now and into the future that is engaged, motivated, and supported in working to its fullest potential. Explore Technology improvements in care Delivery We have a wide range of technologies integrated into our care delivery models that significantly improve our customer experience and care outcomes while delivering increased efficiency and safety of our staff.


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