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IACS 31032021“The effects of Project Management Information Systems on decision making”.IntroductionProject management information systems (PMIS) has become an essential tool in modern organizationssince PMIS help to increase the projects success Rate. Recent research shows that It also brings accurateand significant information to management within the expected time frame. Furthermore, Projectmanagement information systems (PMIS) helps to speed up the decision-making process and any actionnecessary to ensure that the project is on track in terms of time, budget and objectives. This researchpaper will be discussed about the effects of Project Management Information Systems on decisionmaking.Background:I will barfly discuss about the Following areas and give background for the topic• Definition of PMIS• The purpose of using PMIS• Classification of PMIS2. Literature reviewProject management contains all the aspect of the project management processes that are includingplanning, controlling, and coordinating focus on organization design. The present literature on PMIS is inmost research a subjective to reflection of how PMIS affects project management. However, there arelimited studies, we can find directly address about the effects of PMIS on decision making. Therefore,understanding about the effects of Project Management Information Systems on decision making, I willused exciting Literature written about following areas.• PMIS Information sources and effect on decision makingIACS 31032021• How PMIS information quality will effect on decision making• Project manager satisfaction and PMIS• PMIS information use on decision making and role of project manager3. DiscussionThe aim of this study was to gain a better understanding of the elements of PMIS that contribute toadequate decision making. I will Discussed about the Following areas using present literature which Imention in section 2 .• PMIS Limitation and challenges when it comes to decision making• PMIS Benefits and Expectations on decision making• Recent development of PMIS and how Future trends will affect on decision makingo More variety of PMIS based different project type.o User-friendliness.o Increase of Use of AIConclusion:This section will address overall study and will lead to logical conclusion and recommendationIACS 31032021Reference listAmami, M., Beghini, G. and La Manna, M. (1993). Use of project-management informationsystem for planning information-systems development projects. International Journal of ProjectManagement, 11(1), pp.21–28.Borštnar, M.K. and Pucihar, A. (2014). Impacts of the Implementation of a Project ManagementInformation System – a Case Study of a Small R&D Company. Organizacija, [online] 47(1),pp.14–23. Available at:[Accessed 16 May 2021].Caniëls, M.C.J. and Bakens, R.J.J.M. (2012). The effects of Project Management InformationSystems on decision making in a multi project environment. International Journal of ProjectManagement, 30(2), pp.162–175.Kahura, M.N. (2013). The Role of Project Management Information Systems towards theSuccess of a Project: The Case of Construction Projects in Nairobi Kenya. International Journalof Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences, 3(9).Karim, A. (2011) PROJECT MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS (PMIS) FACTORS:AN EMPIRICAL STUDY OF THEIR IMPACT ON PROJECT MANAGEMENT DECISIONMAKING (PMDM) PERFORMANCE. Research Journal of Economics, Business and ICT 2,pp.22–27.Markgraf, B. (n.d.). How Can Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) Give anOrganization a Competitive Advantage? [online] Your Business. Available at: [Accessed 16 May 2021].Middleman, L.I. (2002). Book Review: Successful Information System Implementation: TheHuman Side, Second Edition. Project Management Journal, 33(3), pp.65–66.Moszkiewicz, J. and Rostek, K. (2011). Functional Enhancements to Project ManagementInformation Systems. Foundations of Management, 3(1), pp.47–66.Obeidat, M.A.Q. and Aldulaimi, S.H. (2016). The Role of Project Management InformationIACS 31032021Systems towards the Project Performance: The Case of Construction Projects in United ArabEmirates. International Review of Management and Marketing, 6(3), pp.559–568.Ye, S., Zhai, Y. and Yu, X. (2018). Implementation of Project Management System Based onProject Management. Information Engineering and Applied Computing, 1(1


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