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1HEADQUARTERS INTEGRATED DEFENCE STAFF(Ministry of Defence)REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP)ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACT (AMC) FOR PLANETSOFTWARE FOR 01 YR FOR O&R DTE, CAPB DEVP BRANCH, HQ IDSRequest for Proposal (RFP) No IDS/PP&FD/O&R/PLANET Software/21861Dated 11 May 20211. Bids in sealed cover are invited for Annual Maintenance Contract for PLANETSoftware and support as listed in Part III of this RFP. Please super scribe the abovementioned Title, RFP number and date of opening of the Bids on the sealed cover to avoidthe Bid being declared invalid.2. The address and contact numbers for sending Bids or seeking clarifications regardingthis RFP are given below –(a) Bid/queries to be addressed to : Col (Adm&Coord) (b)Postal address for sending the Bids:Room No. 22, HQ IDS,Kashmir House Rajaji Marg, New Delhi 11.(c) Name/designation of the Contact Personnel : Maj PriyanshuGoyal (O&R)(d) Telephone numbers of the Contact Personnel :011-23006317(e) E-mail ids of Contact Personnel : [email protected](f) Fax number : 230161783. This RFP is divided into five Parts as follows:(a) Part I – Contains General Information and Instructions for the Bidders about theRFP such as the time, place of submission and opening of tenders, Validity period oftenders etc.(b) Part II – Contains essential details of the items/services required, such as theSchedule of Requirements (SOR), Technical Specifications, Delivery Period, Mode ofDelivery and Consignee details.(c) Part III – Contains Standard Conditions of RFP, which will form part of the RateContract with the successful Bidder.2(d) Part IV – Special Condition of RFP.(e) Part V – Evaluation Criteria & Price issues.4. This RFP is being issued with no financial commitment and the Buyer reserves theright to change or vary any part thereof at any stage. Buyer also reserves the right towithdraw the RFP, should it become necessary at any stage.(Sunil Jose)Air CmdeAir Cmde (Adm&Coord)Encl: As above.3Part I – General Information1. Last date and time for depositing the Bids. 1100hrs on _01Jun2021. The sealedBid should be deposited/ reach by the due date and time. The responsibility to ensure thislies with the Bidder.2. Manner of depositing the Bid.Sealed bid should be dropped in the Tender Boxmarked as “AMC for PLANET Software”. Late tenders will not be considered. Noresponsibility will be taken for postal delay or non-delivery of bid documents. Bids sent by faxor email will not be considered.3. Time and date for opening of Bid. 1100hrs on 02 Jun2021.(If due to any exigency, the due date for opening of the Bids is declared a closed holiday, theBids will be opened on the next working day at the same time or on any other day/time, asintimated ).4. Location of the Tender Box. Main Gate, HQ IDS, Kashmir House,Rajaji Marg, New Delhi. Only those Bids that are found in the Tender Box will be opened.Bids dropped in the wrong Tender Box will be rendered invalid.5. Place of opening of the Bid. Place as fixed by the Presiding Officer for Openingof Quotations. The Bidders may depute their representatives, duly authorized in writing, toattend the opening of Bids on the due date and time. Rates and importantcommercial/technical clauses quoted by all Bidders will be read out in the presence of therepresentatives of all the Bidders. This event will not be postponed due to non-presence ofyour representative.6. Forwarding of Bid. Bid should be forwarded by Bidders under their original memo/letter pad inter alia furnishing details like GST/VAT/CST/ TIN number, Bank address withEFT Account if applicable, etc and complete postal & e-mail address of their office.7. Clarification regarding contents of the RFP. A prospective bidder who requiresclarification regarding the contents of the bidding documents shall notify to the Buyer inwriting about the clarifications sought not later than 14 days prior to the date of opening ofthe Bids. Copies of the query and clarification by the purchaser will be sent to all prospectivebidders who have received the bidding documents.8. Modification and Withdrawal of Bid. A bidder may modify or withdraw his bid aftersubmission provided that the written notice of modification or withdrawal is received by theBuyer prior to deadline prescribed for submission of bids. A withdrawal notice may be sent byfax but it should be followed by a signed confirmation copy to be sent by post and suchsigned confirmation should reach the purchaser not later than the deadline for submission ofbids. No bid shall be modified after the deadline for submission of bids. No bid may bewithdrawn in the interval between the deadline for submission of bids and expiration of theperiod of bid validity specified. Withdrawal of a bid during this period will result in Bidder’sforfeiture of bid security.49. Clarification regarding contents of the Bid. During evaluation and comparison ofbids, the Buyer may, at its discretion, ask the bidder for clarification of his bid. The request forclarification will be given in writing and no change in prices or substance of the bid will besought, offered or permitted. No post-bid clarification on the initiative of the bidder will beentertained.10. Rejection of Bid. Canvassing by the Bidder in any form, unsolicited letter and posttender correction may invoke summary rejection with forfeiture of EMD. Conditional tenderswill be rejected.11. Unwillingness to quote. Bidder unwilling to quote should ensure that intimation tothis effect reaches before the due date and time of opening of the Bid, failing which thedefaulting Bidder may be delisted for the given range of items as mentioned in this RFP.12. Validity of Bid. The Bid should remain valid up to 120 days from the last date ofsubmission of the Bid.13. Bid Security Declaration Form Bidder are required to submit Bid SecurityDeclaration Form duly signed and seal.14. Earnest Money. Bid Security declaration to be submitted.Part II – Essential Details of Items/ Services Required1. Schedule of Requirements.Attached at Annexure I to this RFP.2. Technical Details. As per Annexure I to this RFP.3. Single Bid System. The tender shall be submitted in single bid system.4. Delivery Period. (reflected at Para 2, Part-III). The successful bidder will ensurethat the right team, to satisfaction of the contractual organization is put in place withinseven working days.5. INCOTERMS for Delivery and Transportation.TERMS OF DELIVERY DATE OF DELIVERY(a) Onsite service at As per instructionsHQ IDS, Kashmir House,Rajaji Marg, New Delhi-116. Consignee Details.Air Cmde (Adm&Coord)HQ IDS, Kashmir House,Rajaji Marg, New Delhi – 110 0115Part III – Standard Conditions of RFPThe Bidder is required to give confirmation of their acceptance of the StandardConditions of the Request for Proposal for Rate Contract mentioned below which willautomatically be considered as part of the Rate Contract concluded with successful Bidder(i.e. Bidder in the Rate Contract) as selected by the Buyer. Failure to do so may result inrejection of the Bid submitted by the bidder.1. Law. The Contract shall be considered and made in accordance with the laws of theRepublic of India. The contract shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with thelaws of the Republic of India.2. Effective Date of the Contract. The contract shall come into effect on the date ofsignatures of both the parties on the contract (Effective Date) and shall remain valid until thecompletion of the obligations of the parties under the contract. The deliveries and suppliesand performance of the services shall commence from the effective date of the contract.3. Arbitration. All disputes or differences arising out of or in connection with theContract shall be settled by bilateral discussions. Any dispute, disagreement or questionarising out of or relating to the Contract or relating to construction or performance, whichcannot be settled amicably, may be resolved through arbitration.4. Penalty for use of Undue influence. The Bidder undertakes that he has not given,offered or promised to give, directly or indirectly, any gift, consideration, reward, commission,fees, brokerage or inducement to any person in service of the Buyer or otherwise inprocuring the Contracts or forbearing to do or for having done or forborne to do any act inrelation to the obtaining or execution of the present Contract or any other Contract with theGovernment of India for showing or forbearing to show favour or disfavour to any person inrelation to the present Contract or any other Contract with the Government of India. Anybreach of the aforesaid undertaking by the Bidder or any one employed by him or acting onhis behalf (whether with or without the knowledge of the Bidder) or the commission of anyoffers by the Bidder or anyone employed by him or acting on his behalf, as defined inChapter IX of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 or the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1986 or anyother Act enacted for the prevention of corruption shall entitle the Buyer to cancel thecontract and all or any other contracts with the Bidder and recover from the Bidder theamount of any loss arising from such cancellation. A decision of the Buyer or his nominee tothe effect that a breach of the undertaking had been committed shall be final and binding onthe Bidder. Giving or offering of any gift, bribe or inducement or any attempt at any such acton behalf of the Bidder towards any officer/employee of the Buyer or to any other person in aposition to influence any officer/employee of the Buyer for showing any favour in relation tothis or any other contract, shall render the Bidder to such liability/ penalty as the Buyer maydeem proper, including but not limited to termination of the contract, imposition of penaldamages, forfeiture of the Bank Guarantee and refund of the amounts paid by the buyer.5. Agents / Agency Commission. The Bidder confirms and declares to the Buyer thatthe Bidder is the original manufacturer/ authorised Service vendor of the manufacturer Firmof the of the items of the services referred to in this Contract and has not engaged anyindividual or firm, whether Indian or foreign whatsoever, to intercede, facilitate or in any wayto recommend to the Government of India or any of its functionaries, whether officially orunofficially, to the award of the contract to the Bidder; nor has any amount been paid,promised or intended to be paid to any such individual or firm in respect of any suchintercession, facilitation or recommendation. The Bidder agrees that if it is established at anytime to the satisfaction of the Buyer that the present declaration is in any way incorrect or if at6a later stage it is discovered by the Buyer that the Bidder has engaged any suchindividual/firm, and paid or intended to pay any amount, gift, reward, fees, commission orconsideration to such person, party, firm or institution, whether before or after the signing ofthis contract, the Bidder will be liable to refund that amount to the Buyer. The Bidder will alsobe debarred from entering into any supply Contract with the Government of India for aminimum period of five years. The Buyer will also have a right to consider cancellation of theContract either wholly or in part, without any entitlement or compensation to the Bidder whoshall in such an event be liable to refund all payments made by the Buyer in terms of theContract along with interest at the rate of 2% per annum above LIBOR rate. The Buyer willalso have the right to recover any such amount from any contracts concluded earlier with theGovernment of India.6. Access to Books of Accounts. In case it is found to the satisfaction of the Buyerthat the Bidder has engaged an Agent or paid commission or influenced any person to obtainthe contract as described in clauses relating to Agents/Agency Commission and penalty foruse of undue influence, the Bidder, on a specific request of the Buyer, shall providenecessary information/ inspection of the relevant financial documents/information.7. Non-disclosure of Contract documents. Except with the written consent of theBuyer/ Seller, other party shall not disclose the contract or any provision, specification, plan,design, pattern, sample or information thereof to any third party.8. Liquidated Damages. In the event of the Seller’s failure to submit the Bonds,Guarantees and Documents, supply the stores/services/goods and conduct trails, installationof equipment, training, etc as specified in this contract, the Buyer may at his discretion,withhold any payment until the completion of the contract. The BUYER may also deduct fromthe SELLER as agreed, liquidated damages to the sum of 0.5% of the contract price of thedelayed / undelivered stores/services/goods. Services mentioned above for every week ofdelay or part of a week, subject to the maximum value of the Liquidated Damages being nothigher than 10% of the value of delayed stores/services/goods. This is besides the damagesthat become applicable for breach of service as indicated in Part IV.9. Termination of Contract. The Buyer shall have the right to terminate this Contractin part of in full in any of the following cases:-(a) The delivery of service is not satisfactory.(b) The Service provider is declared bankrupt or becomes insolvent.(c) The Customer has noticed that the Service provider has utilised the services ofany Indian/ Foreign agent in getting this contract and paid any commission to suchindividual/company etc.(d) As per decision of the Arbitration Tribunal.10. Notices. Any notice required or permitted by the contract shall be written in theEnglish language and may be delivered personally or may be sent by FAX or registeredpre-paid mail/airmail, addressed to the last known address of the party to whom it is sent.11. Transfer and Sub-letting. The Bidder has no right to give, bargain, sell, assign orsublet or otherwise dispose of the Contract or any part thereof, as well as to give or to let athird party take benefit or advantage of the present Contract or any part thereof.12. Patents and other Industrial Property Rights. The prices stated in the presentContract shall be deemed to include all amounts payable for the use of patents, registered7charges, trademarks and payments for any other industrial property rights. The Bidder shallindemnify the Buyer against all claims from a third party at any time on account of theinfringement of any or all the rights mentioned in the previous paragraphs, whether suchclaims arise in respect of manufacture or use. The Bidder shall be responsible for providingthe satisfaction in service of the fact of infringement of the service, irrespective of the fact ofinfringement of any or all the rights mentioned above.13. Amendments. No provision of present Rate Contract shall be changed or modified inany way (including this provision) either in whole or in part except by an instrument in writingmade after the date of this Contract and signed on behalf of both the parties and whichexpressly states to amend the present Contract.14. Taxes and Duties.(a) In respect of foreign bidders. NA(b) In respect of Indigenous bidders(i) General1. Bidder must indicate separately the relevant Taxes/Duties likely tobe paid in connection with delivery of completed services specified inRFP. In absence of this, the total cost quoted by them in their will betaken into account in the ranking of bids.2. If a Bidder is exempted from payment of any duty/ tax upto anyvalue of supplies from them, he should clearly state that no such duty/taxwill be charge by them up to the limit of exemption which they may have.It any concession is available in regard to rate/quantum of any Duty / tax,it should be brought out clearly. In such cases, relevant certificate will beissued by the Buyer later to enable the Seller to obtain exemptions fromtaxation authorities.3. Any changes in levies, taxes and duties levied byCentral/State/Local governments such as Service tax, etc on finalservice upward as a result of any statutory variation taking place withincontract period shall be allowed reimbursement by the Buyer, to theextent of actual quantum of such duty/tax paid by the Seller. Similarly, incase of downward revision in any such duty/tax, the actual quantum ofreduction of such adjustments shall include all reliefs, exemptions,rebates, concession etc, if any, obtained by the Seller. Section 64-A ofSales of Goods Act will be relevant in this situation.4. Levies, taxes and duties levied by Central/State/Localgovernments such as Service tax etc on final service will be paid by theBuyer on actual, based on relevant documentary evidence. Taxes andduties on input items will not be paid by Buyer and they may not beindicated separately in the bids. Bidders are required to include thesame in the pricing of their product.15 Pre-Integrity Pact Clause. Not applicable.8Part IV – Special Conditions of RFPThe Bidder is required to give confirmation of their acceptance of Special Conditionsof the RFP mentioned below which will automatically be considered as part of the Contractconcluded with the successful Bidder (i.e. Bidder in the Contract) as selected by the Buyer.Failure to do so may result in rejection of Bid submitted by the Bidder.1. Performance Guarantee. The Bidder will be required to furnish a performanceguarantee by way of Bank Guarantee through a public sector bank or private sector bankauthorized to conduct government business (ICICI Bank Ltd., Axis Bank Ltd or HDFC BankLtd.) for a sum equal to 3% ofthe contract value within 30 days of receipt of the confirmedorder. Performance Bank Guarantee should be valid up to 60 days beyond the completiondate of contract.2. Option Clause. Not applicable.3. Repeat Order Clause. Not applicable.4. Tolerance Clause. Not applicable.5. Payment Terms for Indigenous Sellers. Payment will be released on quarterlybasis at the end of each quarter after receipt of satisfactory services certificate from the userdepartment. The contract shall submit the bill in original to the user directorate, which in turnwill process and transmit the same along with User Satisfactory Certificate and RecoveryNote in case any recovery is to be enforce during the period, through Adm&CoordDte, to thepaying authority i.e. CDA (IDS) Kashmir House, New Delhi .6. Special terms and conditions: N/A.7. Payment terms for Foreign Bidders. N/A.8. Advance Payment. No Advance Payment will be made.9. Paying Authority. CDA IDS, Kashmir House, New Delhi.10. Fall clause. The following Fall clause will form part of the contract placed onsuccessful Bidder –(a) The price charged for the stores/services supplied under the contract by theSeller shall in no event exceed the lowest prices at which the Seller sells the stores/services or offer to sell stores/services of identical description to anypersons/Organisation including the purchaser or any department of the Centralgovernment or any department of state government or any statutory undertaking thecentral or state government as the case may be during the period till performance ofall supply orders placed during the currency of the rate contract is completed.(b) If at any time, during the said period the seller reduces the sale price, sells oroffer to sell such stores/services to any person/organisation including the Buyer or anyDeptt, of central Govt. or any Department of the State Government or any statutory9undertaking of the Central or state Government as the case may be at a price lowerthan the price chargeable under the contract, the shall forthwith notify such reductionor sale or offer of sale to the Director general of Supplies & Disposals and the pricepayable under the contract for the stores/ services of such reduction of sale or offer ofthe sale shall stand correspondingly reduced. The above stipulation will, however, notapply to:–(i) Exports by the Seller.(ii) Sale of goods as original equipment at price lower than lower than theprices charged for normal replacement.(iii) Sale of goods such as drugs which have expiry dates.(iv) Sale of goods/ services at lower price on or after the date of completion ofsale/placement of the order of goods/ services by the authority concerned underthe existing or previous Rate Contracts as also under any previous contractsentered into with the Central or State Govt. Depts, including theirexcluding joint sector companies and/or private parties andundertakingsbodies. (c) The Seller shall furnish the following certificate to the Paying Authority alongwith each bill for payment for supplies made against the Rate contract – “We certifythat there has been no reduction in sale price of the stores/ services of descriptionidentical to the stores/ services supplied to the Government under the contract hereinand such stores/ services have not been offered/sold by me/ us to any person/organization including the purchaser or any department of Central Government or anyDepartment of a state Government or any Statutory Undertaking of the Central orstate Government as the case may be up to the date of bill/ the date of completion ofsupplies against all supply orders placed during the currency of the Rate Contractexcept for quantity of stores/ services categories under sub-clauses (a), (b) and (c) ofsub-para (ii) above.11. Exchange Rate Variation Clause. N/A.12. Risk & Expense Clause.(a) Should the services thereof not be delivered within the time or times specifiedin the contract documents, or if defective delivery is made in respect of the stores/services or any installment thereof, the Buyer shall after granting the Seller 45 days tocure the breach, be at liberty, without prejudice to the right to recover liquidateddamages as a remedy for breach of contract, to declare the contract as cancelledeither wholly or to the extent of such default.(b) Should the services thereof not perform in accordance with the specifications /parameters provided by the SELLER during the check proof tests to be done in theBUYER’s country, the BUYER shall be at liberty, without prejudice to any otherremedies for breach of contract, to cancel the contract wholly or to the extent of suchdefault.(c) In case of service breach that was not remedied within 45 days, the BUYERshall, having given the right of first refusal to the SELLER be at liberty to procure fromany other source as he thinks fit or similar description to make good:-10(i) Such default.(ii) In the event of the contract being wholly determined the balance of thestores/ services remaining to be delivered there under.(d) Any excess of the purchase price, or value of any services procured from anyother supplier as the case may be, over the contract price appropriate to such defaultor balance shall be recoverable from the SELLER.13. Force Majeure Clause. Not applicable.14. Buy-Back offer. Not applicable.15. Specification. N/A16. OEM Certificate. OEM Certificate is required.17. Export License. N/A18. Earliest Acceptable Year of Manufacture. N/A19. Buyer Furnished Equipment. N/A.20. Transportation. Not Applicable.21. Air lift. N/A22. Packing and Marking. N/A23. Quality. N/A24. Quality Assurance. N/A25. Inspection Authority. N/A26. Pre-Dispatch Inspection. N/A27. Joint Receipt Inspection. N/A28. Franking clause. N/A1129. Claims. The following Claims clause will form part of the contract placed onsuccessful Bidder:-(a) The claims may be presented either: (a) on quality of the service, where thequality does not correspond to the quantity shown in the Packing List/Insufficiency inpacking, or (b) on quality of the stores/ services, where quality does not correspond tothe quality mentioned in the contract.(b) The quantity claims for deficiency of quantity shall be presented within45 days of completion of Board of Officers and acceptance of goods/ services. Thequantity claim shall be submitted to the Bidder as per Form DPM-22 (Available in MoDwebsite and can be given on request).(c) The quality claims for defects or deficiencies in quality noticed during the Boardof Officers shall be presented within 45 days of completion of Board of Officers andacceptance of goods/ services. Quality claims shall be presented for defects ordeficiencies in quality noticed during warranty period earliest but not later than daysafter expiry of the guarantee period. The quality claims shall be submitted to theBidder as per Form DPM-23 (Available in MoD website and can be given on request).(d) The description and quantity of the stores/ services are to be furnished to theBidder along with concrete reasons for making the claims. Copies of all the justifyingdocuments shall be enclosed to the presented claim. The Bidder will settle the claimswithin 45 days from the date of the receipt of the claim at the Bidder’s office, subject toacceptance of the claim by the Bidder. In case no response is received during thisperiod the claim will be deemed to have been accepted.(e) The Bidder shall collect the defective or rejected goods from the locationnominated by the Buyer and deliver the repaired or replaced goods at the samelocation under Bidder’s arrangement (if applicable). (f)fromClaims may also be settled by reduction of cost of goods/ services under claimbonds submitted by the Bidder or payment of claim amount by Service Provider through demand draft drawn on an Indian Bank, in favour of PrincipalController/Controller of Defence Accounts concerned.(g) The quality claims will be raised solely by the Buyer and without anycertification/countersignature by the Bidder’s representative stationed in India.29. Warranty. As applicable.30. Product Support. As applicable.31. Upgrade / procurement of Software Licenses .As applicable.32. Engineering Support Package (ESP) Clause. As applicable.33. Price Variation (PV) Clause. Upgrade / procurement of Software Licenses contractwill be provided for the full period at the contracted rate. – Not Applicable.12Part V – Evaluation Criteria & Price Bid Issues1. Evaluation Criteria. The broad guidelines for evaluation of Bids will be as follows:(a) Only those Bids will be evaluated which are found to be fulfilling all the eligibilityand qualifying requirements of the RFP.(b) The Lowest Bid will be decided upon the comprehensive lowest price quoted bythe particular Bidder as per the Price Format given at Para 2 below. In case whereonly Indian Bidders are competing, L-1 bidder will be determined by excluding levies,GST, taxes and duties levied by Central/State/Local governments such as excise duty,VAT, Service tax, Octroi/entry tax, etc on final product, as quoted by bidders.(c) The comprehensive lowest Acceptable Bid will be considered further forplacement of contract / Supply Order after complete clarification and price negotiationsas decided by the Buyer will have the right to award contracts to different Bidders forbeing lowest in particular items. The Buyer also reserves the right to doApportionment of Quantity, if it is convinced that Lowest Bidder is not in a position tosupply full quantity in stipulated time.(d) Any other criteria as applicable to suit a particular case.2. Price Bid Format. The Price Bid Format for quoting for rates for AMC of PLANETSoftware for HQ IDS are attached as Appendix ‘A’.(Sunil Jose)Air CmdeDate: May2021 Air Cmde (Adm&Coord)13Annexure I(Refers Para 1/Part II of RFP)Specifications of Requirement: – List of items / services required is as follows:(a) SerNo.DescriptionA/UQty1.(a) Core Framework Enhancement(b) Security Framework Enhancement.(c) Implementation of New Processes as perRequirement.(d) Production Deployment and Support.(e) Production Database Management.(f) Handholding and Training.(g) Customization and Configuration ofAdmin Services.(h) Customization and Configuration ofManagement Dashboard.(j) Provide necessary system maintenancetools and test equipment for undertaking faultrectification and maintenance.––(ii)Minimum one onsite and one offshore Engineeris to be facilitated / provided. The onsite Engineerwill be present during working hours on all workingdays 14Appendix ‘A’(Refer Part V, para 2 to letter NoIDS/PP&FD/O&R/PLANET Software/21861 Dt Apr 21HQ INTEGRATED DEFENCE STAFFDIRECTORATE OFADMINISTRATIONAND COORDINATIONPRICE BID(Single Copy)REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) FOR ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACTOFPLANET SOFTWARE AND ONSITE SUPPORTENGINEER (FOR 01 YEAR)FOR POLICY& MONITORING DTE, PP&FD BRANCH, HQ IDS1. Name of the firm : —————————————–2. Address of the firm : —————————————–—————————————–3. Price Bid Format : The price Bid Format is given below and Bidders are required tofill this up correctly with full details :-(a) Basic cost of the item/ items: SlNoItems (Services/Manpower)Qty (in Nos)BasicRate without Taxin Rs.(For 01Yr)Total GST Amount inRs. (For 01Yr)Total Amount withoutTaxes (For 01Yr) col(6) = (3) x (4) in Rs.Total AmountwithTaxes (For 01Yr)col (7) = sum (5) to (6)in Rs.1234567(i)(a) Core Framework Enhancement(b) Security Framework Enhancement.(c) Implementation of New Processes asper Requirement.(d) Production Deployment and Support.(e) Production Database Management.(f) Handholding and Training.(g) Customization and Configuration ofAdmin Services.(h) Customization and Configuration ofManagement Dashboard.(j) Provide necessary systemmaintenance / recovery tools and testequipment for undertaking fault rectificationand maintenance.(ii)Minimum one onsite and one offshoreEngineer is to be facilitated / provided.Total Price for one year (in Rupees) for Sl No (i) + (ii)(TotalwithoutTax)(Totalwith Tax) 15 (b)Accessories(c)(d)(e)(f)Installation/ CommissioningTrainingTechnical literatureTools(g)(h)AMCAny other itemNote. 1.Determination of L-1 will be done based on total of basic prices (not includinglevies, taxes and duties levied by Central/State/Local governments such as excise duty,GST, VAT, Services tax, Octroi/entry tax, etc on final product) of all items / requirements asmentioned above.4.Additional information in Price Bid on Taxes and Duties (not in scope of L-1determination) –(a)(b)Is Excise Duty extra?If Yes, mention the following – i.ii.iii.iv.Total value of items on which Excise Duty is leviable:Rate of Excise duty (item-wise if different ED is applicable):Surcharge on Excise duty, if applicable?Total value of excise duty payable:(c)Is Excise Duty Exemption (EDE) Required: (d)If yes, then mention and enclose the following:i.Excise notification number under which EDE can be given:(e)(f)Is VAT Extra?If yes, then mention the following: i. Total value on which VAT is leviable: ii.iii.Rate of VAT:Total value of VAT leviable:(g)(h)Is Service Tax extra?If yes, then mention the following:i.ii.iii.Total value of Services on which Service Tax is leviable:Rate of Service Tax leviable :Total value of Service Tax leviable:(j)Is custom Duty Exemption (CDE) required: 16(k) If yes, then mention the following: i.Custom notification number under which CDE can be given(Enclose a copy):CIF value of stores/ services to be imported:Rate of Customs Duty payable:Total amount of Customs Duty payable:ii.iii.iv. (l) Octroi / Entry taxes:(m) Any other Taxes / Duties / Overheads / Other costs:Firm’s Seal & Date Signature of AuthorizedSignatory of the firm


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