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Course: Senior Seminar In Healthcare Topics Prepare a 7-8-page research/position paper on the changes in the U.S. Healthcare system. ****So basically, seven page body, with double space as well**** The objective of this research paper is to not only summarize your overall findings throughout the quarter but also to submit a personal opinion of where you think the healthcare system is heading. The objective is to determine what direction the U.S. healthcare system is going using findings researched as well as personal opinion. Describe present changes, future expected changes, and the burdens and woes that ails the system. Please be sure to cite your sources. Draw your conclusion of: What is healthcare to youWhat does the future hold for the industry?Considering all the issues discussed and debated, (such as the patient protection and affordable act of 2010, access to care, racial and ethnic disparities in health status, public health insurance, health care information systems, HIV and AIDs in the twenty first century and changing the health care delivery system), what is the effect of these on the systemExplain why healthcare is in the present status in this countryHow would you personally see a new direction that this industry should considerWhat recommendations would you have that would put the U.S. on the right planDebate and present your overall agreement of the ACA, do you think we are on the right path to good healthcareFinally, and objectively present your overall opinion of the future of healthcare


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