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Assessment Tasks and Instructions Student Name Student Number Course and Code Unit(s) of Competency and Code(s)SITTTSL006 Prepare quotationsStream/Cluster Trainer/Assessor  Assessment for this Unit of Competency/ClusterDetailsAssessment 1Short Answer QuestionsAssessment 2Case StudyAssessment 3 Assessment conducted in this instance: Assessment 1      2       3  Reasonable AdjustmentHas reasonable adjustment been applied to this assessment?No         No further information required   Yes        Complete 2.Provide details for the requirements and provisions for adjustment of assessment:       Student to completeMy assessor has discussed the adjustments with meI agree to the adjustments applied to this assessment Signature Date  2nd Assessor to completeI agree the adjustments applied to this assessment are reasonable Name     Signature Date  Assessment Guidelines What will be assessedThe purpose of this assessment is to assess your underpinning knowledge to complete the tasks outlined in the elements and performance criteria for this unit of competency and relating to the following aspects:   specific industry sector and organisation:quotation systems and proceduresfeatures of products soldsources of costs for products, services and feessources of negotiated cost of supply, contractual arrangements and preferred supplier arrangementscommission and mark-up rates and proceduresformats for and inclusions of quotations presented to customersconditions and limitations of quotation considerations:changes of conditions of pre-existing quotation or bookingchanges to provision of pre-existing bookingcost of items that are subject to availabilitydate of current quotationexclusionsgeneral conditions and rulesinclusion of fees, taxes and levieslegislative requirements life and expiry date of quotationmethods of customer accepting quotationpayment requirementsprices being subject to changeproduct and service components of quotations: accommodationactivitiesconvention facilitiescruisesdomestic products and servicesentertainmententrance to attractions or sitesfood, beverage and cateringfunctionsinternational products and servicesmealsmeeting or event equipmentspeaker servicesspecial event consumable itemsspecial items with customer’s corporate brandingtechnical equipment and services:audio-visualpyrotechnicsriggingsound and lightingspecial effectsstage design and constructionvenue stylingtour guiding servicestourstransferstransportationtravel insurancevehicle rentalvenue hirespecial fees and other charges that apply to customer bookings:amendment feecancellation feecommunication feecourier feecredit card feeitinerary preparation feeloyalty program redemption feeproduct booking feereconfirmation feeservice feetransaction feevisa and passport handling feeprimary components of consumer protection laws that relate to providing quotations and, organisational responsibility for:nominating and charging cancellation feesproviding information on potential price increasesproviding refundssupplying products as described or substituting suitable products when product is unavailable.Place/Location where assessment will be conductedSSH to complete      Resource RequirementsPen, Paper or computer, calculator        Instructions for assessment including WHS requirementsYou are required to address all questions to achieve competence. Your trainer will provide you with instructions for time frames and dates to complete this project. Once completed, carefully read the responses you have provided and check for completeness. Your trainer will provide you with feedback and the result you have achieved. Statement of Authenticity   I acknowledge that I understand the requirements to complete the assessment tasksThe assessment process including the provisions for re-submitting and academic appeals were explained to me and I understand these processes  I understand the consequences of plagiarism and confirm that this is my own work and I have acknowledged or referenced all sources of information I have used for the purpose of this assessmentStudent Signature:                                                                                                             Date:     /      /201 This assessment:First Attempt 2nd Attempt Extension  – Date:     /    /   RESULT OF ASSESSMENTSatisfactory               Not Yet Satisfactory    Feedback to Student:          Assessor(s) Signature(s): Date:   /    /     Student Signature Date:   /    /      Assessment 1 Your task: Answer the questions below. Explain why it is important that the information you use for costing is accurate and up to date. Response  A customer books a flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas that costs US$210. If today’s Rate of Exchange (ROE) for the US Dollar is 0.78, how much would this ticket cost in Australian Dollars? (round to the nearest digit if applicable) Response  What sort of checks would you do to ensure that the final cost to the customer is accurate?  Response  In relation to providing quotations, outline your understanding of the following industry terms: ResponseA.  Commission   B.  Nett price   C. Gross Price   D. Mark up   E.  Rate of Exchange It is vital every member of a travel agency understand how commissions work. The chart below shows the different product types and example levels of commission that may apply. Using this chart as a guide, calculate the following commissions to be taken from these gross costs: PRODUCTCOMMISSION RATEDomestic Air Domestic Packages International Air International Packages Domestic/International Car Hire Domestic/International Accommodation Insurance5% 10% 9% 10% 10% 10% 30%1A Domestic Holiday Package valued at $2560  2An international holiday package of $1500 combined with international car hire of $640  3An International airfare of $3990  4A domestic airfare of $270  5An Insurance policy valued at $85  6A Domestic Airfare valued at $200 combined with domestic accommodation valued at $500, combined with travel insurance valued at $85.    Please prepare a quote for the following itinerary: Two adults traveling business class Coolangatta/Perth/Coolangatta. Accommodation in Perth – Raptis Royal Plaza in a twin room for 5 nights. They will require a Group C Avis hire vehicle for 3 days. AIRFARE:  QANTAS AIRWAYS Flights Coolangatta/Perth return Prices quoted are per person return.ECONOMYBUSINESSFIRST$560$1400$1940ADDITIONAL TAX  $38.50 RETURN  PP THE RAPTIS ROYAL PLAZA – PERTH Prices quoted are per person per night.SINGLETWIN SHARETRIPLE SHARE$280$140$94 AVIS CAR RENTAL Prices quoted are per vehicle per day and include insurance.GROUP AGROUP BGROUP C$150$200$250 Please show the breakdown of your costing below Please Quote Price per Person                                $ Total Price for two adults                                         $ Total commission earned for two adults              $    (Use commission levels from question 5) List 2 other fees tourism workers can charge customers for and WHY: Response1.   2.   List below 2 limitations that might apply to a quotation: Response 1.   2.   List below 4 items that should always be included in a quotation: Response1.   2.   3.   4.   A customer calls and requests a change to the quotation you prepared yesterday, what would you do?   Response  What are some ways you can reduce the paper consumption in a Tourism Office?  Response  Describe in detail 4 general consumer protection issues that tourism industry staff must be aware of when providing quotations to their customers. Response1.   2.   3.   4.   When providing quotes to customers, what are two examples of timeframe restrictions placed on quotations? Response  What are the most common sources of costing information for travel agents? Response  Name some common commercial agreements between tourism companies: Response  Outline the general procedure to follow when preparing a quotation: Response  You have previously quoted booking fees to your Customer, but your Supervisor has noticed an error. Please look through the service fees below and show the correct figures in the second column. Work out the total fees and taxes you need to quote the following customers for the Services listed below.  Use the fee schedule below to work out the fees Resort fee:                                               $5 per person per night International booking fee:                    $50 per person Visa card payment:                                 2% surcharge American express payment:                2.5% surcharge Amendment fee:                                     $50 per booking Baggage fee:                                           $25 per person – 20kg  Original QuoteNew Answer5 nights at a Resort (2 people)   1st  Customer pays $1000 by American Express   2nd    Customer pays $1000 by Visa Card   20kg luggage added per person  Resort fee $5 x 5 nights  = $25   American express fee     =  $20     Visa fee                              =  $20   Baggage fee                       = $25   Total fees quoted for two people                                           $95.00                                        


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