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300536 Major Project in Construction Student Name: Firas Hamid Mahmmoud Student ID: 17591834 Project Brief Topic Work health and safety on the construction site. Background In Australia, the construction sector is found to be playing an essential role in enhancing the economic development of the country. Despite the roles played by the construction industry in maintaining the GDP of the nation, it is perhaps considered risky and prone to higher accidental rates for the workers and the practitioners (Azari et al., 2011). Project Objective The objective of this project is associated with the evaluation of the importance of implementing health and safety training for the workers in construction sites. It will also focus on the initial findings and predicted findings in regards to the notion. Why this project While the construction industry is found to be playing an essential role in maintaining the economic condition of Australia, it becomes essential to care for those who are working on the front-line. These include the workers, labours, site managers, union members, and others. That is why it becomes essential to provide them with relevant training for health and safety measures while working on construction sites. Initial findings The implementation of training and orientation for workers on construction sites has echoed various issues with the current solutions that are being investigated (Ismail, Doostdar and Harun, 2012). These included – Inadequate findingsInsufficient resourcesLack of trainersLower compensationsClient and Stakeholder’s responsesAnd, investment issues for training and orientations Predicted findings The solution in this regard will acknowledge the potential of various areas such as instructions for the recognition of the hazards, control measures, knowledge for emergency procedures, training for preventive actions, use of protective equipment, and learning safe working practices. The objective will also include solutions for obtaining additional information on controlling the hazards and thus, possessing a more active role in implementing the control programs on-site. This will help to assess and enhance the worksite protection for the construction industry. Implications to the industry Postponing acknowledgement for the importance of health and safety training for the workers might impact the sustainability of the construction industry. The current scenario in this regard has noticed a large number of accidents on the field which affects both the physical and psychological aspects of the workers and labours (Salleh et al., 2020). Thus, by providing job-specific health and safety training to these individuals, the construction sector might become efficient to work more cautiously and productively. Conclusion This project aimed towards implementing health and safety training for the workers in construction sites. It has been found in this regard that while the reasons for implementing this project are obvious, the barriers include relevant resources and sources of investment for training and orientation of workers and labours. References Ismail, Z., Doostdar, S. and Harun, Z 2012. Factors influencing the implementation of a safety management system for construction sites. Safety science, 50(3), pp. 418-423. KarimiAzari, A., Mousavi, N., Mousavi, S.F. and Hosseini, S 2011. Risk assessment model selection in construction industry. Expert Systems with Applications, 38(8), pp. 9105-9111. Salleh, F., Palaniappan, S., Theng, I.L.P., Helmi, H.N.M., Hamid, A.A. and Kassim, N.M 2020. A review on risk management implementation in the construction industry. Journal of Critical Reviews, 7(11), pp. 562-567.


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