WRITTEN ASSESSMENT 1 (CASE STUDY) 3040MKT – DIGITAL AND SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Description: Your assignment is to write an overall assessment of each of the 2 assigned pieces of marketing, (separately); with ideas on how each could be improved (max 500 words on each piece of marketing). Give clear reasons for your assessment of each piece of marketing, and suggestions for its improvement. Bullet points are acceptable, but make sure that what you write is clear and understandable! The overall question you are answering about each piece of marketing is: In light of what we have covered in lectures and workshops, what is your assessment of this piece of marketing? How well does it apply the digital marketing mindset. How could this marketing be improved? We have looked at aspects of the Digital Marketing Mindset and the 6P’s of digital. The aim of this exercise is to critically evaluate digital marketing by its ability to use the Digital Marketing Mindset and the 6Ps. No piece of digital marketing will use every single aspect equally well. The aim is to be different, creative, with flair, yet staying on-brand, while engaging! Task: ï‚· Watch each of these assigned pieces of marketing carefully: o Volkswagen – The Fun Theory 1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SByymar3bds o McDonalds’s “Kick the trash” Digital Campaign https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Awu6t5af_AQ&list=PLct8fpjFeH 8p3Qp9JGg1Je0rVK5hZvnV_ As you watch the assigned marketing videos, keep in mind the following key questions. 1. Audience: Who do you think is the intended audience of this marketing? We can’t know for sure as we didn’t design this marketing, but we can assess who it seems to be directed towards. This should guide your answers to subsequent questions. 2. Sharing: How well does this marketing encourage sharing of the piece of marketing? put yourself in the position of its intended audience, are they likely to share it? You’ll look at sharing again in participation.WRITTEN ASSESSMENT 1 (CASE STUDY) 3040MKT – DIGITAL AND SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING 3. Participation: Does this marketing encourage customer participation? Particularly participation that is rewarding and entertaining? a. Is the participation on-brand (ie does it build consumers understanding of the brand)? b. Is it data-rich (ie does it discover information about consumers)? c. Is it sharable (ie does it encourage consumers to involve others in this participation)? 4. Consumer Profile: Does that information about consumers help build consumer profile? Do we find out useful information? Without infringing privacy? You probably want to take some notes under each heading. If there are other dimensions that you think are important, make sure to mention these in your comments, and give your assessment of the marketing on those dimensions. Format: ï‚· If you use external sources, you must cite and reference them using APA (American Psychological Association) format, both in the body of your paper and its attached reference section. It is not essential to use external sources.


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